Thursday, July 30, 2009

Internet Scam

Sample image used in Nigeria/Cameroon scam

RSPCA NSW would like to warn the public about a new form of Nigerian money scam that has hit the internet.

Pet websites - including retail businesses and online adoption sites - are being used in a scam originating from Cameroon and Nigeria. The perpetrators steal ligitimate photos of pets from these websites, appropriate the name of the business/site and post fake pets for sale with instructions to deposit money directly into a local bank account (the money is then transferred off-shore).

Many of these advertisements are also now appearing on otherwise legitimate pet trading sites that are trusted by the community. The number of cases has reportedly increased in the last few weeks.

What you can do:

* Ensure you receive as much information about the person selling the pet
* Obtain contact details of the seller and try and visit the pet for sale, or contact the seller by phone (rather than through email)

* Do not become involved in any purchases/adoptions that mention the source being in Cameroon or Nigeria

If you have become involved in one of these scams, please contact the Department of Fair Trading in NSW:

If the scam has used the business name and branding of a legitimate retail business or adoption site, please contact the business or site so they can take appropriate action.

All animals that appear on the RSPCA adoption site are added uploaded through RSPCA's secure adoption software and cannot be access by the general public.

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