Monday, August 31, 2009

RSPCA Care Centre - Rouse Hill

Artist's impression of the RSPCA Care Centre at Rouse Hill
Artist's impression of the exterior of the RSPCA Care Centre at Rouse Hill


For over 135 years, the RSPCA has been protecting and caring for animals through its shelters. But we know that as soon as we build a shelter, it will be full to capacity with animals that deserve a second chance at finding a good home.

Shelters aren't always the most customer friendly environments. Many people avoid going to shelters because they find it too emotional. Instead, they go to pet shops or breeders. There is also a perception that if an animal is at a shelter, there is something wrong with the animal.

The RSPCA Care Centre at Rouse Hill is a shelter outreach facility that includes an adoption centre and outpatient veterinary clinic. Its main aims are to rehome more animals in a welfare friendly environment and educate the community about responsible pet ownership.

Artist's impression of the RSPCA Care Centre Rouse Hill
Artist's impression of the interior of the RSPCA Care Centre at Rouse Hill

RSPCA Care Centre mission statement

"To promote responsible pet ownership through re-homing, education and community enrolment."

The goals of the RSPCA Care Centre:
 * Decrease euthanasia and increase adoptions
 * Promote responsible pet ownership through education
 * Provide expert advice that is accurate and in keeping with our policies
 * Provide a service that is of the highest standards for both Animal Welfare and Customer Service

Integral to this project is the care and protection of animals. As the RSPCA, we are subject to scrutiny and we must be exemplary in our commitment to animal welfare. We have created an environment where animals come first. You will never see puppies in the window at Rouse Hill. Every animal has been transported from our Yagoona shelter. Like all RSPCA animals, the Rouse Hill residents will be desexed, microchipped, behaviourally tested and vet checked. We will also be providing a range of animals of different sizes and ages (not just cute puppies and kittens), and the staff will all be RSPCA accredited.

The products and services that RSPCA Care Centre Rouse Hill will bring to the community are:
 * Animal Adoptions
 * Veterinary Outpatients Clinic
 * Retail Products
 * A Pet Advisory Service
 * Community Education and Events
An undertaking of this magnitude is very costly and we are crossing our fingers that it will work. If you would like to contribute to the animals' care and enrichment whilst they are at Rouse Hill please donate here.

We hope to be opening in early December. In the meantime, we've set up the RSPCA Care Centre Blog so you can visit to keep up with progress:

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