Monday, August 17, 2009

RSPCA Cupcake Day 2009!

This year's cupcake celebrations commenced on Monday 17 August 2009 - the official national Cupcake Day for the RSPCA.

Over 3000 RSPCA Cupcake Cooks in NSW hit their schools, workplaces and social groups with batches of yummy homemade cupcakes to sell. 100% of the proceeds from these sale will go to the RSPCA.

In the lead up to Cupcake Day the Sydney Yagoona shelter celebrated with special guests and celebrities, including Annaliese Braakensiek, Moto Grand Prix Champion Warwick Nowland, Foxtel's Alicia Malone and the NRL Bulldogs. Delicious cupcakes were sold on the day and fans were able to meet their idols for autographs and photos.

Monday 17 August - RSPCA Cupcake Day - was launched at the Sydney Yagoona shelter with NSW in the lead for the most participants across Australia! Cupcakes galore were available for sale and a special pupcake party was organised for the shelter dogs.

RSPCA NSW wishes to thank all participants of RSPCA Cupcake Day 2009 for their participation, support and generosity.

For more information please visit our official RSPCA Cupcake Day website at

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