Monday, September 28, 2009

RSPCA Awareness Week - 1 October to 8 October 2009.

RSPCA Awareness Week starts this Thursday 1 October and is an opportunity for the RSPCA to further promote awareness of our animal welfare campaigns, programs, services, events and activities.

Each day of RSPCA Awareness week we will post new information to this blog about the various ways you can get involved with the RSPCA, plus update our Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also directly help in spreading awareness right now by emailing your friends, family and colleagues about RSPCA Awareness Week, or by suggesting us as a friend through Facebook ( ) and Twitter (@RSPCANSW).

The RSPCA Awareness Week banner on our blog (top of this page) contains the message "Protect. Respect. Do Not Neglect." These amazing words were crafted by students from Jennings Public School in Wallangarra ( - Aidan H, Morgan S, Nicholas H, Jacinta R and Jiah B. It is truly fantastic to see that future generations have such an insightful view of animal welfare and are aware of the need for all of us to protect and care for the animals in our world.

RSPCA NSW is proud to use these words as part of RSPCA Awareness Week, 1 October to 8 October 2009.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Listing for Inherited Diseases in Animals (LIDA) expands to include inherited diseases in Cats.

The University of Sydney Faculty of Veterinary Science announced this week, the expansion of the Listing for Inherited Diseases in Animals (LIDA), an easy-to-use online resource for pet owners, veterinarians and breeders, which now includes information about genetic diseases in Australian cats, as well as Australian dogs.

LIDA for Cats collects, organises and disseminates information on the prevalence of inherited disorders among Australian cats. It is a jargon-free description of feline inherited disorders, written by university students, and classifies the disorders by breeds and organ systems. LIDA for Cats can assist potential pet owners to make informed decisions before purchasing a kitten; enable veterinarians to provide clients with local current genetic data and professional experiences of their veterinary colleagues; and assist breeders in improving breeding programmes and breed standards.

The LIDA website uses non-technical descriptions and is designed to make the task of choosing a healthy pet easier and enable potential pet owners to understand health problems different breeds may face.

The data presented on the LIDA website will assist:

- Potential purchasers to make informed decisions when buying puppies and kittens.
- Veterinarians to provide clients with local current data and professional experiences of their colleagues.
- Breeders to recognise which unwelcome traits are increasing and which are being successfully reduced.

To access the LIDA website, please go to:

Thursday, September 24, 2009


The RSPCA is outraged that Australian jockeys now have a mandate to whip their horses unrestrictedly in the end stages of a race.

RSPCA Australia CEO Heather Neil said today’s back peddle was clearly all about money and it makes the RSPCA question whether the ARB and the industry as a whole actually care about the welfare of horses.

“The ARB tried to be progressive by reducing whip use. They last week reached a compromise with jockeys. Now they’ve given in to owners, breeders and trainers who are only concerned about their hip pockets.

“Today the ARB has voted to increase animal cruelty. Their decision essentially means that a jockey can whip a horse on every stride in the last 100m, without penalty.

“But this is not about whips anymore – it’s about the industry refusing to put the welfare of horses first.
“They couldn’t even give the new whip rules six months, not even to show the community that they recognise they need to change and at least reduce their reliance on whips.

“Breeders, owners and trainers have exposed their true colours – horses are just a vehicle to make money. This is not a sport.

“Their ‘flog it to win it’ attitude is archaic and says nothing about the industry’s understanding of horse behaviour.

“Today’s decision is bitterly disappointing and a step backwards for horses.”

RSPCA Australia

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dogs of the Week: Puppy Chihuahuas @ RSPCA Gunnedah

If you are interested in adopting any of the dogs below, please contact RSPCA Gunnedah on 0419 474 689. Adoption prices for dogs are $210 for males and $230 for females. Proceeds from adoptions go towards RSPCA Gunnedah.

Zac, 6 year old male white Chihuahua.

Zac has been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and has lifetime registration. Zac is the gentleman of the group who loves a cuddle, is most happy when sitting on a lap. He is gentle natured and a little shy with strangers. He would be best suited to someone who spends alot of time at home. He will need to meet any other dogs he is to live with first.

Peppi, 4 year old male, grey and white Chihuahua.

Fantastic news: Peppi has been adopted and has found a new home!

Tim, 3 year old, male tan and white Chihuahua.

 Tim is due for desexing and microchipping this week. He is a very timid and will need an experienced owner who has time and patience. He will need a quite house and may take a while to adjust to his surroundings. Not suitable for children as dislikes loud noise. He has a very gentle nature.

Chloe, 3 year old, tan and white female Chihuahua.

Fantastic news: Chloe has been adopted and has found a new home!

Spider, 1 year old, tan and white male Chihuahua

Spider is not yet desexed as he needs to increase his weight before surgery. He is the character of the group. He has loads of charisma and charm and loves a cuddle however he takes he will take a little while to adjust to new surroundings. He would be suited to family life or an older couple however he is often underfoot so wouldn’t be suited to someone who falls easily. He will need to meet any dog housemates first. The wrapping on his foot (see photo) is due to a skin irritation which is currently on the mend.

Friday, September 18, 2009

RSPCA Armidale Benefit Concert

This Saturday night 19th of September the Armidale branch of the RSPCA will be holding its very first benefit concert to raise much needed funds for the care and rehoming of animals in this area.

The benefit concert is going to showcase the amazing talent of Stephen O'Hern, a young 16 yr old, year 10 student at Armidale High school. Stephen has been studying the guitar for 11 years and will be playing a selection of the best pieces written for steel string/nylon string guitar and banjo. Stephen was earlier this year approached and endorsed by the Lag guitar company which provided him with a new guitar.

After wowing the audience at an " open mic night " in Tamworth he was then invited to perform two gigs at the " Hats Off To Country " weekend. You will witness some real eye popping and jaw dropping performances from this extraordinary boy. Stephen will be supported by the AHS Senior Vocal ensemble, the Necom Youth guitar ensemble as well as Stephen Tafra, one of Australia's leading guitarists.

From now through to the New Year, the number of requests for surrendering dogs increases dramatically. As the breeding season for cats is about to begin, the intake of abandoned kittens increases as well, stretching the branch's resources to the limit. It is common for the branch's veterinary bills to come in at around $ 4000 per month.

Throughout the night there will be give-aways, prizes and audience participation. Steve Coleman the CEO of the NSW RSPCA will be attending the concert as well.

The cost is $15 Adult, $10 concession and $40 family ticket. The concert will begin at 7:30pm and take place at the Armidale Ex-services club. Tickets will be available at the door. You can check out Stephen O'Hern's playing at his website at

If you are looking for a fun night out for the whole family then why not come along, be entertained and support a wonderful local charity.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blackmores Sydney Running Festival

The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is being held next Sunday 20 September 2009 and you can help RSPCA NSW raise much needed funds by donating or fundraising.

For information on how to donate or fundraise for the RSPCA NSW, please click on either the Donate or Fundraise button below.

RSPCA NSW would like to thank the public for their generous donations and we wish all competitors a fantastic run this year!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Scooby Rescue

Photo courtsey of the

Scooby, the trapped Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who has won hearts around the globe, was successfully freed after becoming stuck in a Sweetmans Creek cave for up to five days in the NSW Hunter region.

After RSPCA Inspectors and emergency crews worked tirelessly for days, Scooby was freed and reunited with his 12 year old owner Jack Newton, who immediately received a loving slurp on the face.

"Issues like this don't happen every day but certainly rescues of similar nature do present themselves on a regular basis.", said RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman in regards to the costs that this rescue has incurred.

"It's certainly a time-consuming rescue but, again, I don't think that the public would expect us just to walk away because it's all too hard.", Coleman said.

Scooby's family were very thankful to the RSPCA and urged the public to make a donation to the RSPCA NSW.

"It's just unbelievable. All the guys at the RSPCA rescue have been phenomenal. It is amazing, we are so happy ... our little dog is home with us and my son is over the moon," Melissa Newtown told the Nine Network.

Crticism of the Scooby Rescue

Much of the criticism for Scooby’s rescue was levied at tax payers’ dollars going towards rescuing an animal. This is an argument the RSPCA is very familiar with. Because the RSPCA offers vital services to the community, many people believe that they are government funded. RSPCA NSW is a charity and received less that 2% of its $34M operating budget from the government. With no significant government financial support the organisation cares for over 40,000 animals a tear and investigates the thousands of animal cruelty complaints.

“It’s a common misconception that we receive government funding and support, however, resources used in operations such as the Scooby rescue come from the generous donations of the public.” Says RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman.

The RSPCA NSW is currently organising the RSPCA Superheroes Ball 2009 to be held at Byron Kennedy Hall at Fox Studios on the 30th of October. All fund raised on the night will go towards an Emergency Response Unit to help with difficult rescues such as Scooby’s. Tickets are $150 (includes food and drinks) and tickets can be booked by emailing

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Scooby's RSPCA Rescue attempts

Picture courtesy

We are being inundated with calls of support for our rescue efforts to save deaf dog, Scooby who is currently trapped in cave near Cessnock. Scooby was walking with his owners when he was distracted by something in the bush, he ran after it and ended up entering a cave which he couldn't get out of. He has been there since Sunday.

Four RSPCA Inspectors are onsite and are being ably assisted by the local fire brigade. The inspectors report that they can hear Scooby and have been able to get food to him. The problem is that the cavity in which he is suck in is very difficult to get to. We are currently using specialist small drilling equipment to try and get closer to Scooby.

Check out the coverage in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Daily Telegraph

Also check out our very own Inspector Slade Macklin contorting his body to squeeze through a space no bigger than a rat hole. This story was broadcast on Today this morning.

This is also a solemn reminder of the importance of our work and why we so desperately need support. We don't receive government funding to support these rescue attempts. In fact, some of our inspectors are so passionate about the work they do, they personally purchase specialised and expensive equipment out of their own pockets to enable them to help dog's like Scooby. If you would like to make a donation to help us fund these rescue attempts, click here.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dog of the Week - Billy - RSPCA Ulladulla

FANTASTIC NEWS: Billy has been adopted and has found his forever home!

Billy is very friendly, loves everyone and gets on well with other dogs. He is well trained, walks on a lead and would make a great companion animal.

Sadly, his owner passed away recently and we would love to find him a new home as soon as possible - Billy is happy sitting on your lap and just wants to share his beautiful smile with you :)

There are a number of advantages of having an older dog or cat:

• Older pets are generally calmer and more settled into life. This makes them more appreciative of your love and attention.
• What you see is what you get!
• Older animal personalities are generally stabilised.
• You are less likely to experience the chewing or destruction stage that young ones are prone to do in their quest for adventure.
• You can be sure of the animal’s full size and appearance as an adult.

Billy's details:

Animal ID: 0180986
Name: Billy
Breed: Pekinese X
Sex: Male
Age: 9 years
Colour: Caramel/cream

Billy is desexed, microchipped, up to date with his worming & vaccinations and has been behaviour assessed by RSPCA Ulladulla.
If you have a a place in your home for this beautiful boy, please contact RSPCA Ulladulla on 0414 749 490.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wendy Matthews auctions limited editions for Coffs Harbour shelter

Songstress and RSPCA supporter, Wendy Matthews is currently auctioning 8 limited edition photographic prints taken as part of the launch of her new album, 'She'. The proceeds from the action will go to the RSPCA Coffs Harbour Shelter. The pictures feature her dog, Bear and her deer, John (get it!). We are very grateful for Wendy's support of our charity. Check our the pictures and bid here.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Select Education Randstad Sydney's RSPCA Recycling Project

Since May 2008 Select Education Randstad, Sydney has been making a conscious effort to shred all its used office paper for our RSPCA Sydney Yagoona shelter. This includes shredding their envelopes, note pads, letters, printed and faxed documents and junk mail.
Select Education's Sustainability Manager wanted to find a direct use for used office paper - and after several phone calls to various animal welfare related organisations - RSPCA Sydney Yagoona was the most responsive to the offer of receiving recycled shredded paper. The arrangement was very easy and straight forward to organise, with shredded paper being placed in large bags and being dropped off at the shelter's front door at Select's convenience.

Select Education have an RSPCA sticker on their shredding machine and have reduced the amount of paper disposed of in the paper recycling bin by half! They are dropping off an average of 3 large bags of shredded paper per week.
"Select Education staff take it in turns to drop off the bags whilst on the road visiting clients. Most of us have now been into the RSPCA reception area to introduce ourselves and there’s a definite pride in our staff when they return from a drop off." a Select Education representative said.

RSPCA Cupcake Day 2009

In conjunction with their recycling efforts and support for RSPCA Sydney Yagoona, Select Education participated in our RSPCA Cupcake Day on 17 August 2009. Select Education nominated their resident office chef – Melissa Lee –to try out different recipes and decide on the ingredients and decorations. Other staff members were put in charge of organising the marketing material, storage containers, trays, money box, aprons and most importantly – the sales!
Select Education used the event as an opportunity to engage with the other companies they share their office building with:
"The day could not have gone any better! We sold all our cupcakes, our neighbours were very friendly and we raised $150 for the RSPCA!".
We would like to sincerely thank Select Education Randstad, Sydney for their continued support of RSPCA NSW and for their efforts with their recycling program. Helping the environment by recycling paper, and also helping the puppies in our care with shredded paper for their bedding - what a fantastic idea!
For more information about helping the RSPCA with our donated items wishlist, please see:

Help save RSPCA Sydney Yagoona shelter

For over 135 years, RSPCA New South Wales has been doing society’s dirty work, work the government doesn’t want to do. Although we are one of only two animal welfare organisations named in The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act as a government recognised provider of services, the government contributes less than 2% to our annual operating costs. That’s why we need your signature and donation to help us rebuild Yagoona Shelter.

Our Sydney shelter at Yagoona is the biggest in the southern hemisphere. This facility not only cares for and protects thousands of metropolitan animals each year, but it also acts as a filter facility for regional animals. We transport animals from our eleven shelters around the state to Yagoona where they have a better chance of being rehomed.

Yagoona has been in operation for over thirty years and the cracks are beginning to show. While our staff continues to work with the same exceptional level of commitment, we know we could do so much more with the right facility. We are committed to building a state-of-the-art facility that houses animals in comfort and safety. This facility would also focus on the growing need for education in the community. This bold initiative has the working title of the RSPCA Centre for Animal Rescue and Education Services. We have plans for a facility that includes new kennels and catteries, a new animal hospital, a humane education centre and proper staff facilities. We just don’t have the money to build it.

If Yagoona is not seen as a priority by the NSW government, it will continue to deteriorate and will eventually be forced to close. We need your help to alert the government to the urgent need for action. The closure of Yagoona would create immense regional pressure and would negatively impact the other NSW shelters, which don’t have the facilities to cope. Local government would be forced to take responsibility for the overflow of animals despite already being under financial pressure and acknowledging its personnel doesn’t have the skills to deal with animal welfare. RSPCA NSW is effectively subsidising the government at present.

We need our loyal supporters to assist us in lobbying local Members of Parliament to put the rebuilding of Yagoona on their agendas. We need to create a groundswell of support across this state so that the government sees this as an urgent state issue. We need the government to recognise that the Yagoona Shelter not only cares for animals but educates children, protects pets of domestic violence victims, looks after animals of the aged and infirm, acts as a teaching hospital for vets and vet nurses and houses Australia’s largest Inspectorate dedicated to enforcing government laws.

Please sign our online petition:

Please donate to save RSPCA Sydney Yagoona:

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