Monday, September 7, 2009

Help save RSPCA Sydney Yagoona shelter

For over 135 years, RSPCA New South Wales has been doing society’s dirty work, work the government doesn’t want to do. Although we are one of only two animal welfare organisations named in The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act as a government recognised provider of services, the government contributes less than 2% to our annual operating costs. That’s why we need your signature and donation to help us rebuild Yagoona Shelter.

Our Sydney shelter at Yagoona is the biggest in the southern hemisphere. This facility not only cares for and protects thousands of metropolitan animals each year, but it also acts as a filter facility for regional animals. We transport animals from our eleven shelters around the state to Yagoona where they have a better chance of being rehomed.

Yagoona has been in operation for over thirty years and the cracks are beginning to show. While our staff continues to work with the same exceptional level of commitment, we know we could do so much more with the right facility. We are committed to building a state-of-the-art facility that houses animals in comfort and safety. This facility would also focus on the growing need for education in the community. This bold initiative has the working title of the RSPCA Centre for Animal Rescue and Education Services. We have plans for a facility that includes new kennels and catteries, a new animal hospital, a humane education centre and proper staff facilities. We just don’t have the money to build it.

If Yagoona is not seen as a priority by the NSW government, it will continue to deteriorate and will eventually be forced to close. We need your help to alert the government to the urgent need for action. The closure of Yagoona would create immense regional pressure and would negatively impact the other NSW shelters, which don’t have the facilities to cope. Local government would be forced to take responsibility for the overflow of animals despite already being under financial pressure and acknowledging its personnel doesn’t have the skills to deal with animal welfare. RSPCA NSW is effectively subsidising the government at present.

We need our loyal supporters to assist us in lobbying local Members of Parliament to put the rebuilding of Yagoona on their agendas. We need to create a groundswell of support across this state so that the government sees this as an urgent state issue. We need the government to recognise that the Yagoona Shelter not only cares for animals but educates children, protects pets of domestic violence victims, looks after animals of the aged and infirm, acts as a teaching hospital for vets and vet nurses and houses Australia’s largest Inspectorate dedicated to enforcing government laws.

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