Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dogs of the Week: Puppy Chihuahuas @ RSPCA Gunnedah

If you are interested in adopting any of the dogs below, please contact RSPCA Gunnedah on 0419 474 689. Adoption prices for dogs are $210 for males and $230 for females. Proceeds from adoptions go towards RSPCA Gunnedah.

Zac, 6 year old male white Chihuahua.

Zac has been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and has lifetime registration. Zac is the gentleman of the group who loves a cuddle, is most happy when sitting on a lap. He is gentle natured and a little shy with strangers. He would be best suited to someone who spends alot of time at home. He will need to meet any other dogs he is to live with first.

Peppi, 4 year old male, grey and white Chihuahua.

Fantastic news: Peppi has been adopted and has found a new home!

Tim, 3 year old, male tan and white Chihuahua.

 Tim is due for desexing and microchipping this week. He is a very timid and will need an experienced owner who has time and patience. He will need a quite house and may take a while to adjust to his surroundings. Not suitable for children as dislikes loud noise. He has a very gentle nature.

Chloe, 3 year old, tan and white female Chihuahua.

Fantastic news: Chloe has been adopted and has found a new home!

Spider, 1 year old, tan and white male Chihuahua

Spider is not yet desexed as he needs to increase his weight before surgery. He is the character of the group. He has loads of charisma and charm and loves a cuddle however he takes he will take a little while to adjust to new surroundings. He would be suited to family life or an older couple however he is often underfoot so wouldn’t be suited to someone who falls easily. He will need to meet any dog housemates first. The wrapping on his foot (see photo) is due to a skin irritation which is currently on the mend.


  1. These cute little guys r my foster dogs. So far Peppi is leaving us 2 go 2 a new family on Sunday, Chloe has joined her new family & is very happy & we only Have Zac, Timi & Spider left 2 find families 4. These guys r faithful, loving, protective & sweet so if ur interested get in contact u won't b sorry

  2. hi i realy would like a chihuahua puppy/dog i have wanted one for ages. i have cats and want a chihuahua but i dont want it to be unhappy (because i have cats) we are a family of four. a 13 and 14 year old girl. i go over the park on most days. my friend has two dogs and goes other the park with them all the time i enjoy walking her dogs but i realy want a dog of my own.