Monday, September 28, 2009

RSPCA Awareness Week - 1 October to 8 October 2009.

RSPCA Awareness Week starts this Thursday 1 October and is an opportunity for the RSPCA to further promote awareness of our animal welfare campaigns, programs, services, events and activities.

Each day of RSPCA Awareness week we will post new information to this blog about the various ways you can get involved with the RSPCA, plus update our Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also directly help in spreading awareness right now by emailing your friends, family and colleagues about RSPCA Awareness Week, or by suggesting us as a friend through Facebook ( ) and Twitter (@RSPCANSW).

The RSPCA Awareness Week banner on our blog (top of this page) contains the message "Protect. Respect. Do Not Neglect." These amazing words were crafted by students from Jennings Public School in Wallangarra ( - Aidan H, Morgan S, Nicholas H, Jacinta R and Jiah B. It is truly fantastic to see that future generations have such an insightful view of animal welfare and are aware of the need for all of us to protect and care for the animals in our world.

RSPCA NSW is proud to use these words as part of RSPCA Awareness Week, 1 October to 8 October 2009.

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