Friday, September 11, 2009

Scooby Rescue

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Scooby, the trapped Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who has won hearts around the globe, was successfully freed after becoming stuck in a Sweetmans Creek cave for up to five days in the NSW Hunter region.

After RSPCA Inspectors and emergency crews worked tirelessly for days, Scooby was freed and reunited with his 12 year old owner Jack Newton, who immediately received a loving slurp on the face.

"Issues like this don't happen every day but certainly rescues of similar nature do present themselves on a regular basis.", said RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman in regards to the costs that this rescue has incurred.

"It's certainly a time-consuming rescue but, again, I don't think that the public would expect us just to walk away because it's all too hard.", Coleman said.

Scooby's family were very thankful to the RSPCA and urged the public to make a donation to the RSPCA NSW.

"It's just unbelievable. All the guys at the RSPCA rescue have been phenomenal. It is amazing, we are so happy ... our little dog is home with us and my son is over the moon," Melissa Newtown told the Nine Network.

Crticism of the Scooby Rescue

Much of the criticism for Scooby’s rescue was levied at tax payers’ dollars going towards rescuing an animal. This is an argument the RSPCA is very familiar with. Because the RSPCA offers vital services to the community, many people believe that they are government funded. RSPCA NSW is a charity and received less that 2% of its $34M operating budget from the government. With no significant government financial support the organisation cares for over 40,000 animals a tear and investigates the thousands of animal cruelty complaints.

“It’s a common misconception that we receive government funding and support, however, resources used in operations such as the Scooby rescue come from the generous donations of the public.” Says RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman.

The RSPCA NSW is currently organising the RSPCA Superheroes Ball 2009 to be held at Byron Kennedy Hall at Fox Studios on the 30th of October. All fund raised on the night will go towards an Emergency Response Unit to help with difficult rescues such as Scooby’s. Tickets are $150 (includes food and drinks) and tickets can be booked by emailing

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  1. What an amazing rescue!!! Well done RSPCA!!