Monday, September 7, 2009

Select Education Randstad Sydney's RSPCA Recycling Project

Since May 2008 Select Education Randstad, Sydney has been making a conscious effort to shred all its used office paper for our RSPCA Sydney Yagoona shelter. This includes shredding their envelopes, note pads, letters, printed and faxed documents and junk mail.
Select Education's Sustainability Manager wanted to find a direct use for used office paper - and after several phone calls to various animal welfare related organisations - RSPCA Sydney Yagoona was the most responsive to the offer of receiving recycled shredded paper. The arrangement was very easy and straight forward to organise, with shredded paper being placed in large bags and being dropped off at the shelter's front door at Select's convenience.

Select Education have an RSPCA sticker on their shredding machine and have reduced the amount of paper disposed of in the paper recycling bin by half! They are dropping off an average of 3 large bags of shredded paper per week.
"Select Education staff take it in turns to drop off the bags whilst on the road visiting clients. Most of us have now been into the RSPCA reception area to introduce ourselves and there’s a definite pride in our staff when they return from a drop off." a Select Education representative said.

RSPCA Cupcake Day 2009

In conjunction with their recycling efforts and support for RSPCA Sydney Yagoona, Select Education participated in our RSPCA Cupcake Day on 17 August 2009. Select Education nominated their resident office chef – Melissa Lee –to try out different recipes and decide on the ingredients and decorations. Other staff members were put in charge of organising the marketing material, storage containers, trays, money box, aprons and most importantly – the sales!
Select Education used the event as an opportunity to engage with the other companies they share their office building with:
"The day could not have gone any better! We sold all our cupcakes, our neighbours were very friendly and we raised $150 for the RSPCA!".
We would like to sincerely thank Select Education Randstad, Sydney for their continued support of RSPCA NSW and for their efforts with their recycling program. Helping the environment by recycling paper, and also helping the puppies in our care with shredded paper for their bedding - what a fantastic idea!
For more information about helping the RSPCA with our donated items wishlist, please see:

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