Saturday, October 3, 2009

RSPCA Awareness Week Day 3, Part 2: RSPCA Foster Carers

The fostering of animals is an important and rewarding part of the work that RSPCA NSW volunteers and staff undertake and gives those animals that would not normally be able to be re-homed a wonderful start in life before moving on to suitable, lifelong homes.

The purpose of foster care is to place into temporary care those animals who are not suitable to be housed in the shelter environment, whether they are too young or small to be eligible for adoption, are recovering from illness or surgery, or have behavioural reasons such as being timid or not coping at the shelter.

The photo above is of George, one of RSPCA Tamworth's Volunteers and Foster Carers. George is 75 years old. When George lost his wife a few years ago, he became very lonely and heard about RSPCA Tamworth's recruitment drive for Volunteers and signed up.

George absolutely loves fostering the animals, especially Bundi, the dog who appears with him in the photo above. Bundi and George are best mates and George takes very very good care of Bundi (and vice versa!).

George proudly tells all his carers and nurses that he fosters for the RSPCA. RSPCA Tamworth Volunteer Branch President, Patricia Varley has clearly seen what a difference being a Foster Carer has made to George's life.

Put simply, George is just amazing. It's so wonderful to see that members of the community - from the age of 10 (see Lakota's story, previous blog post) to 75 - give up their time to get involved and play a fundamental role in the care and wellbeing of animals.

Becoming a RSPCA Foster Carer
In order to become a Foster Carer you must first join the RSPCA as a member, attend an information session and have a premise inspection so we can discuss with you what types of animals and how many at a time you would be best suited to foster.

For further information, please visit our Foster Care page on the RSPCA NSW website.
To register your interest in the RSPCA Sydney Yagoona Shelter Foster Care Program please contact:

Hannah Burfitt
Co-ordinator, Animal Welfare Support - RSPCA Sydney Yagoona Shelter.
02 9770 7578

To enquire about Foster Care programs at other RSPCA Shelters or Volunteer Branches, please visit our Shelters & Branches information page.

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