Friday, October 2, 2009

RSPCA Awareness Week: Day 2 - Adoptions and Desexing


Many of the animals that come to RSPCA Shelters and Volunteer branches are there because their owners can no longer look after them. There are a number of reasons why animals offered for adoption by the RSPCA make wonderful pets!

All RSPCA animals:

 • are expertly checked by a veterinarian and temperament tested
 • are microchipped and desexed where relevant
 • come in different shapes and sizes, including pure breeds and mixed breeds
 • have been given love and attention while at the shelter from dedicated, caring RPSCA volunteers & staff.

Most importantly, when you adopt a pet from the RSPCA you are not only giving an animal the chance at a new life, you’re supporting the continuing efforts of the RSPCA to care for all animals throughout Australia.


All animals surrendered to the RSPCA and available for adoption are desexed. The main reason for desexing is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The RSPCA takes in 160,000 animals every year and many of these are the result of unplanned breeding.

Desexed animals are generally less likely to get diseases and illness such as mammary cancer and uterine infections in females and cancer and prostate problems in males. Desexing commonly reduces behaviour problems such as roaming, aggression and urine marking in males. In females it prevents mating behaviour and false pregnancy.

If a puppy or kitty, your pet should be desexed before they are 5-6 months old. There is absolutely no benefit in letting females have one litter before they are desexed.

RSPCA Australia recommends early age desexing from the age of eight weeks when the surgery is simple and recovery is rapid and straightforward. Early age desexing is an effective way of reducing accidental pregnancy in young animals and ensuring compliance with local council desexing requirements.

Adopting a pet from the RSPCA

Before adopting a pet it is strongly recommended that you consult a veterinarian who will be able to provide expert advice on the physical needs, health and behavioural characteristics of each type of animal. Your local RSPCA will also be able to offer further advice and information.

The RSPCA's adoption website Adopt A Pet, is a national database of animals that are available for adoption at RSPCA Shelters and Volunteer Branches. You can search by location, animal type and breed.

We've had some fantasic rehoming stories that have come about through our Adopt A Pet website, some of these include:

Stuie - a deaf cattle dog from RSPCA Tamworth who found his perfect frorever home. Read here >

Kate - another success story from RSPCA Tamworth, Kate the labrador, who has had a hard start to life, will soon be rehomed to the Northern Territory! Kate will be flying up to meet her new family next Friday. More information and photos will be coming soon!

Billy - RSPCA Ulladulla were desperate to rehome gorgeous Billy after his elderly owner recently passed away. Billy was featured on Adopt A Pet and was broadcast through our Twitter and Facebook pages - he was even mentioned on Twitter by Kerri Anne Kennerley! Very soon after, Billy was adopted and is happy in his new home.  See Billy's profile here >

Adoption Dog of the Week - Ella from RSPCA Taree

ELLA is a gentle giant who was rescued from the local pound on D Day. ELLA is affectionate, loves to play, quite good on a leash, however, at the moment likes to walk you instead of you walking her! :)  ELLA is a quiet dog, she is obedient, responds to sit, stay and "shake hands". ELLA needs a secure yard as she can jump. This may not happen if her owner spends quality time with her. Ella would be more suited as an only dog. ELLA comes, heart worm free, wormed, flea treated, microchipped, vaccinated (C5) and desexed. ELLA will cost $150 to the right home. View ELLA's page on Adopt A Pet for more details >

Adoption Cat of the Week - Yassie from RSPCA Unanderra (Wollongong)

Hi there! I am known as YASSIE. To describe myself I would say I was gorgeous, friendly, quiet & adaptable. One unusual feature about me is that I have a stumpy tail! My new owners will allow me to live indoors at all times please. Lots of cuddles & interactive toys would be great, too. I should adapt to other animals in the home, if any, given time. Children are no problem at all! If your home is lacking some affection, I can fill that void!

YASSIE's adoption includes: Vet Check, First Vaccination, Desexing, Flea & Worm Treatments, Microchip, 30 Days Pet Insurance Plan and a friend for life!  View Yassie's profile on Adopt A Pet >

View other animals currently available on Adopt A Pet >

RSPCA Care Centre Rouse Hill

Have you heard about RSPCA NSW's brand new plan for rehoming? Read our recent media release outlining our upcoming RSPCA Care Centre in Rouse Hill >
Make sure you keep up-to-date with news on the RSPCA Care Centre Rouse Hill blog >

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