Tuesday, November 10, 2009

RSPCA kitten rescue

Antonio (left), Randall (right) holding the freed kitten.

One of our RSPCA Inspectors, Courtney Milton, was recently called out to an animal rescue in Austral, NSW by Randall, an RSPCA supporter who discovered that a distressed kitten was trapped behind a concrete wall and needed to be desperately saved.

Antonio, a local bricklayer in the area, kindly came to assist Courtney and Randall, and managed to free the kitten after some hardwork and clever thinking.

The happy kitten is now in foster care with Randall's mother and is said to be recovering well.

RSPCA NSW would like to thank Courtney, Antonio, Randall and his mum for helping rescue the trapped kitten and for continuing his care.

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