Thursday, November 12, 2009

RSPCA NSW Adopt a Pet: Velma - RSPCA Sydney Yagoona

Velma was pregnant when she was taken on by the RSPCA and had 3 beautiful kittens. It was very sad when one of her kittens passed on, as Velma pined and called out for her. Now the time has come to separate her from her other two babies but Velma wants to continue on being a Mum. By 9 weeks most mothers stop feeding their babies but not Velma, who wanted to be with her babies just as much as when they were only a week old.

Because of Velma's bad start in life, she is a very nervous cat with strangers and in unfamiliar surroundings. When first introduced into unfamiliary territory, she is incline to race around a room for example, and hide where ever she can. Keeping Velma indoors until she settles in is imperative, more so than most cats. A tranquil home would be ideal for Velma and she does like other cats.

Once settled in, you will find Velma to be a responsive, chatty and a sweet little girl who definitely deserves a second chance. The ideal owner for Velma would be someone who can bring out the best in her with patience and lots of love.

Velma is available to adopt for $160 and comes desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. To adopt, please contact the RSPCA Sydney Yagoona shelter on 02 9770 7555, quoting tag number: 028 7658.

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