Sunday, November 22, 2009

RSPCA urges extra care for pets in summer heatwave

With the temperature set to soar across the state today, RSPCA NSW is urging the community to take extra precautions to protect their pets from the hot weather.

The RSPCA NSW call centre in Yagoona fields state-wide cruelty complaints and is always inundated at this time of year with calls concerning heat stressed animals.

RSPCA NSW Chief Veterinarian Dr Magdoline Awad says it’s vital pets have constant access to both water and shade as heat stress can develop extremely quickly.

“Owners need to ensure their pets are kept safe, cool and hydrated to avoid a cruel death,” said Dr Awad. “If dogs need to be kept outside a good idea is to leave a few bowls of cold water in the shade in case one gets knocked over.”

The RSPCA is also appealing to motorists to realise the dangers of leaving dogs unattended in cars and on the back of ute trays.

“Cars left stationary in the sun become ovens and dogs can develop heat stroke and suffer a cruel death in only 6 minutes. Ute trays also become extremely hot so dogs can suffer a similar fate.”

The RSPCA is also reminding the community that companion animals aren’t the only ones that need to be protected from the heat, as farm animals can often be overlooked.

“Stock animals must be provided with fresh water daily and large stock should have a plentiful supply,” said RSPCA NSW Operations Manager, Inspector Matt French. “Owners must also regularly check their animals and ensure they have some form of shelter that allows them to get out of the direct sunlight.”

Animal cruelty charges may apply to anyone who fails to provide their animal with water and proper shelter.


  1. Ye my pup is staying inside today, even though we will be out of the house, it would be mean to leave him in the heat

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