Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Big thank you to animal lover and RSPCA supporter Avanthi

Avanthi (left), RSPCA supporter and animal lover with her proud mum.

Our RSPCA NSW Education Department recently met an amazing RSPCA supporter and animal lover, Avanthi, who went to fantastic lengths to create awareness of the RSPCA and animal welfare, plus raise vital funds for the RSPCA and the animals in our care.

Avanthi tells her story:

"My name is Avanthi and in 2009 I was selected by my school to participate in a leadership program - Max Potential. This program required the participants to undertake a community service project and I straight away thought of the RSPCA.
The main reason why I chose the RSPCA is because I strongly believe in the rights of animals ... I even turned vegetarian because of it. Also, I adopted my two dogs - Ziggy and Toto - from the RSPCA.

My main goal was to raise awareness of animal welfare, of the RSPCA and what they do. I handed out multiple flyers, started a blog about animal rights and even sent requests to friends on Facebook to join the RSPCA Facebook page.

I then decided to start collecting donations. First I went to my family and asked them for donations (money, blankets, towels). I then took to my school and they supported my greatly. With the help of my mum, we made at least 250 cupcakes of different colours and flavours (an idea which I got off the RSPCA Cupcake Day). The cupcakes always sold out and I would come home with requests to make more cupcakes. The best part though, was that the students and teachers often gave very generous donations without buying any cupcakes.

Then came presentation day, where I sold even more cupcakes and was acknowledged by the local newspaper for the work I had done as a Max Potential participant. After that, I had Stephanie and Lauren from the RSPCA Education Department come out to give a presentation to the Year 10 and 11 students of my school. On that day I sold even more cupcakes and received more donations, which mum and I donated the following weekend along with the blankets and towels we had collected. In total, we collected $774.25.

Overall, this experience has been fanstastic and I am proud to be able to say I have helped the RSPCA and the beautiful animals they look after."

On behalf of all animals, staff and volunteers at the RSPCA, we'd like to thank Avanth for choosing us for her Max Potential program, for her efforts in spreading awarness of animal rights and the work of the RSPCA, and for selling her delicious cupcakes to raise much needed funds.


  1. Great work Avanthi!My dream job is to work with animals and I am definetly becoming an RSPCA member!

  2. thankyou very much. and best of luck to you! it's a great thing to help the animals out =]