Thursday, January 21, 2010

Animals available for adoption - we need your help!

Some of the other types of animal available for adoption at the RSPCA

When people think of adopting an abandoned or surrendered animal from the RSPCA most think of puppies, kittens, dogs, cats and pocket pets. But a variety of animals come to the RSPCA needing good homes - including birds and farm animals.

At the moment our Sydney Yagoona stable area is almost at capacity with the following animals available for adoption:

    * 2 Quails
    * 4 Lorikeets
    * 1 Cockatoo
    * 1 Horse
    * 1 Pony female, 5yrs Roan
    * 1 Small young male goat, grey & white
    * 1 Small yong adult male goat, tan & white young, desexed
    * 1 large black female goat (gets on really well with horses!)
    * 8 Sheep - Merino,  adults & 2 young adults. One of the young adults is extremely friendly.
    * 9 Ducks varying ages, some came to us as ducklings
    * 2 Hens
    * 1 Rooster (bantam)
    * 1 Goose

If you have the appropriate property size, permission and commitment to be able to adopt any of the animals above, please contact RSPCA Sydney Yagoona on 02 9770 7555.  Thank you.

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