Monday, March 22, 2010

Caeser goes home - a story about the importance of microchipping

RSPCA NSW Inspector Milton recounts a sad story from last week that outlines the importance of microchipping:

"Driving home last week, I saw what looked like a cat lying in the gutter by the side of the road." Recounts Inspector Milton. "Fearing that the cat had been hit by a car, I pulled my vehicle over and discovered that the poor thing had indeed been hit and had passed away. I immediately scanned the cat in hopes of finding a microchip - thankfully, the scanner beeped and found one."

Inspector Milton bundled the cat up and took it home with her until she could get in contact with the owners who may be worried about their missing cat and who would, sadly, have to be informed of their loss.

Inspecor Miltion searched the Companion Animals Register for the microchip number and successfully found the owner's details. Inspector Milton made contacted with the owners to inform them that Caesar had passed and to arrange for her to deliver him to them the next day. Despite their loss they were grateful for Inspector Milton contacting them and were then able to make arrangements to lay their loved one to rest.

Important messages about Microchipping and animal identification in companion animals

1. Please have your pet(s) properly microchipped
2. Make sure that the information registered for each pet's microchip is current - if you've changed address, have a new contact number or have changed ownership of the animal you will need to have these details updated.
3. Please make sure your pet has a collar with their name and a contact number for you should they get lost.

To register your pet on the Companion Animal Register, or to check or update your pet's details, please contact your local Council today.


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