Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy animal adoption story from our visit to the AMP Foundation Expo

Talia (now 'Ulli'), happy in her new home.

In Feburary, the RSPCA NSW visited the wonderful staff at AMP to participate in the AMP Foundation Expo.

The AMP Foundation is the AMP’s charity program which matches staff donations to charities like the RSPCA dollar for dollar. Where the venue is appropriate, we often take a dog along with us that is available for adoption from one of our shelters, to give them a nice day out with lots of mental stimulation and so that workplaces can meet and connect with the animals that we care for. On this occasion we brought Talia, a female Mastiff cross, to the AMP Foundation Expo. At the Expo Talia enjoyed lots of affection from AMP employees, but most especially from another charity that was present - The Red Cross. Ian from the Red Cross immediately fell in love with Talia and decided to adopt her from the RSPCA!

Ian recently sent us an email and a photo of Talia (now called 'Ulli') who is very happy in her new forever home:

“Hello and thank you for the lovely chew treat and Ulli’s favourite tiger toy and chew rope. It was very nice of you. Ulli, (sounds like 'pulley') has settled right in and is ruling the roost. Or at least she thinks so. She is doing very well and has put on 5 kg and 5cm in two weeks. She really enjoys her walkies and is starting to do really well with 'sit', 'stay' and 'heel' after only this short time.

She asked me to forward on this pic of her. When she arrived her ears still only stood half way up but after four days they stood all the way up. So cute to see the transition.”

A big thank you to Ian, the Red Cross and the AMP Foundation (http://www.amp.com.au/) for a fantastic Expo and for all helping to rehome one of our adoption dogs.


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