Tuesday, March 9, 2010

RSPCA Adoption Story - from Tamworth to Alice Springs!

Charlie the Lab and new owner Emma in Alice Springs

The RSPCA is used to rehoming animals to areas near our RSPCA Shelters, Volunteer Branches and the RSPCA Care Centre at Rouse Hill. But sometimes the love is so strong that it even crosses borders - as was the case with the adoption story of Charlie (nee Kate), a female labrador who was in foster care at the RSPCA Tamworth Volunteer Branch and who was adopted by her new mum Emma and rehomed to Alice Springs.

"I was looking for a companion for my dog that was sometimes getting lonely when I was at work (I'm a police officer)", Emma writes in an email. "I was looking for a Labrador and found her on the RSPCA's Adopt A Pet website (http://www.adoptapet.com.au/). I had originally found a Labrador at RSPCA Albury Volunteer Branch that I liked - but it had been adopted when I called to enquire."

Emma then found Charlie, who was in foster care at RSPCA Tamworth. Charlie had a very unfortunate start to life. As a puppy her previous owners dumped her in the street with a broken leg. Charlie had been loved and cared for by RSPCA Tamworth, and despite suffering from a 'frozen' knee joint (that prevents her from bending her nearside hind leg) was in good health and featured on Adopt A Pet to find a new home.

"Charlie flew from Tamworth to Alice Springs all in one day (a big day for her!)." writes Emma, "She's fit in beautifully and we all love her. Charlie and Gromit (my other dog who is 9 and also a RSPCA dog!) have gotten along since their very first meeting. They play together, go for walks together and have a great time together. All of my animals are from the RSPCA. So I'm a real believer in adopting from the RSPCA."

The RSPCA NSW thanks Emma for her continued support of the RSPCA and for choosing to adopt from our Shelters and Volunteer Branches. We wish her, Charlie and Gromit all the best in their new home together!

To view animals currently available for adoption, please visit http://www.adoptapet.com.au/

Please note: Interstate adoptions are treated very seriously by the RSPCA. Each potential adopter is screened by RSPCA staff or Branch Volunteer Presidents/Coordinators. In some instances potential adopters may be required to visit the animal at their location of care (at the potential adopters' cost). Premisis checks will also be required and this will be organised in conjunction with the RSPCA member society at the point of destination.

Cost of transporting the adoption animal interstate is usually the responsibility of the adopter. RSPCA NSW would like to thank Jetpets (http://www.jetpets.com.au/) and Qantas (http://www.qantas.com.au/) for their continued support of the RSPCA NSW and for providing assistance with animal transportation.

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