Monday, March 29, 2010

RSPCA Animal Rescue Story - Callan.

The RSPCA NSW has received enquiries relating to the story about Callan which aired on Wednesday night's RSPCA Animal Rescue episode (Channel 7; 24 March 2010).

Due to the limitied time allocated to each segment in the Animal Rescue show it is not always possible for Channel 7 to portray the full story of all the animals. Consequently, the true extent of the RSPCA's efforts to rehabilitate Callan's was not made available.

What wasn’t aired was the significant time and effort the RSPCA staff made to rehabilitate Callan. He was actually adopted by a person who had a proven track record of rehabilitating dogs with similar anxieties. Regrettably Callan and his behavioural problems proved too much for his new owner and he was returned to the RSPCA as he was not coping or improving.

In addition to the efforts of the RSPCA staff, an external Animal Behaviourist was consulted and conducted an assessment of Callan. Following their assessment they also advised that the kindest thing to do for Callan was for him to be put to sleep as he was continually extremely feaful and not making any improvements.

Indeed, Callan's story was sad to watch on television. As many would certainly understand, it was sadder still for the RSPCA staff and Inspectors who worked with Callan in order to try and rehabilitate him.


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