Friday, March 5, 2010

RSPCA animals Magazine - Mark Lizotte and Rufus

Are you an RSPCA NSW member? All members receive three copies of animals magazine. Filled with pet care advice, latest RSPCA NSW news and events, and celebrities - our next issue (out early March) features an article on Mark Lizotte (aka Diesel) and his six-year-old mini Schnauzer, Rufus.

Back in January2008, Rufus suffered a slipped disc (invertible disc extrusion) and complete paralysis of the back legs. After surgery and a month in veterinary care, Rufus returned home in a new mode of transportation, a cart.

“When it first happened I thought, ‘Are we being selfish?’ But we knew it was the right thing to do – Rufus is such a happy dog.”  said Lizotte.

To become a member of RSPCA NSW call 02 9782 4481, email or visit - $30 a year includes three copies of animals, a copy of our annual report, special discounts and offers.

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