Monday, March 29, 2010

RSPCA Bursting at the Seams with Cats and Kittens

Normally autumn signals the beginning of cooler weather and cat breeding season slowing down. But the unseasonably warm weather has meant the cat breeding season is continuing, with hundreds of cats and kittens currently available for adoption from the RSPCA’s Sydney Shelter (Yagoona) and Care Centre in Rouse Hill.

To cope with the problem, cats and kittens are available for $100* each. This is a reduction from $190 for kittens and $140 for cats. This cost includes desexing, worming, vaccinations, microchipping and health checks, and will run until – and including – Easter Sunday (4 April). Senior cats (six years plus) are available at the usual cost of $80.

“We’re currently experiencing an explosion of cats and kittens. And in desperate need of good homes for all these animals,” said Sydney Shelter Supervisor, Donna Hough. “A cat is capable of reproducing 20,000 kittens in two years, so we can’t stress enough the importance of desexing your pets.”

Please check out for animals available for adoption.


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  1. I don't understand owning a pet dog or cat which isn't desexed if you aren't a breeder. Our nutmeg (ginger female cat) was adopted from Yagoona 6 weeks ago and she is a constant source of entertainment, companionship and hilarity for us both.

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