Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Zeus sent to boot camp

Recently, the RSPCA Blue Mountains Shelter were lucky enough to receive a rather 'rambunctious', but lovely big black dog called ZEUS. Zeus was a young dog, but with lots and lots of energy. Shelter staff found him to be a particular challenge due to him being so strong - even taking him for his daily walks were exhausting!

While Zeus scored very high in his Behavioural Assessment, staff were concerned because of his high energy levels and the difficulty in controlling him at times. If Zeus was tough for Shelter staff, how would he be with a new family?

Staff decided to contact RSPCA Sydney to see if they could offer Zeus some behavioural training. RSPCA Sydney were only too happy to help and Zeus was transferred to start his 'boot camp'.

After weeks of training and hard work with RSPCA Sydney Team Leader Adam and his staff, Zeus received the big tick of approval and is now able to be adopted!
A big thank you to Adam and his team for working wonders and making such a difference to the life of a dog that would have been hard to rehome.

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