Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lisa Brennan's story about the new RSPCA Cat Legacy House Memorial Garden

Lisa Brennan, Animal Attendant at RSPCA Cat Legacy House Somersby writes...

The RSPCA Cat Legacy House in Somersby NSW is likened to a retirement home for cats. The cats’ original owners leave sufficient funds in their estate to enable these animals to live out their days in comfort, with staff providing love, cuddles and attention.

The concept was to design a memorial garden that would commemorate these most cherished cats and to bring their lives full circle. While working within a budget, I needed to be mindful that the garden needed to be attractive and easily maintained. My tradesman husband Patrick Brennan, assisted with the design brief and costing; donating his time and expertise to the project. The garden no longer became a dream but a possible reality.

We decided to build the garden on Easter Saturday, despite typically bad weather predictions. Construction began on the garden, which was essentially treated pine framework, supported with metal and corner post work. The garden bed was formed and began with a weed mat, quickly followed by tonnes of soil and mulch. The chosen plants were essentially decided for their durability and low maintenance.

The garden contains a climbing Star Jasmine at the rear; its dainty fragrant blooms mixing with two beautifully scented Fairy Floss Lavenders. The Memorial Garden is framed with Agapanthus in shades of blue and lush green Mondo grass leading to the striking Cordyline Red Stars. It is completed with rambling wild pansy ground covers.

The sun was beginning to set on a very long day as we barrowed the last of the mulch into the garden. The rain had held off, and the sun managed its last glimpse as we, as a family, placed the cats’ ashes to rest. I did not know some of these cats, but all were at one time, very special companions to their owners. I like to think that all these cats have now managed to find their way home and that their journey has come full circle.

- Written by Lisa Brennan, Animal Attendant, RSPCA Cat Legacy House Somersby.

RSPCA NSW and the Cat Legacy House at Somersby would like to sincerely thank Lisa, her husband and family for giving up their time to build this beautiful memorial garden for the dearly departed and much-loved Legacy cats.


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  1. Really great work by Lisa and family. Congrats on your efforts and for caring deeply enough to create a lasting place of peace and beauty