Wednesday, June 30, 2010

RSPCA Cat Legacy Update - Honore and Henrys’ Climbing Condo!

Lisa, Animal Attendant at RSPCA Cat Legacy House in Somersby, writes about her environmental enrichment project for the cool cat residents:

"The RSPCA Cat Legacy House, Somersby NSW, is 4 years old and the majority of the legacy cats have resided here for that duration of time. While all have access to a landscaped garden, the environment lacked enrichment for the cats and did not encourage the cats to be outside and active.

The aim of environmental enrichment is to enhance animal wellbeing by increasing exercise, satisfying behavioural needs and optimizing the level of stimulation that the animal receives, as well as attempting to reduce abnormal behaviours. Our concept was to design a climbing structure for the garden of the youngest residents; brothers Honore and Henry (and their friends!). All cats like to climb and the Legacy cats are no different in this regard!

After consultation with my feline clients, a design brief was outlined. Honore and Henry requested a structure with height; Twista required a place he could play with his friends. Mr Dibbles wanted a warm place in the sun and Sox sought his own meditation space. I approached ‘Kincumber Men’s Shed’ with my ideas and after much discussion and implementation, a workable design was reached.

The structure was to implement various platforms, encouraging climbing, jumping and scratching, but also with enough room to relax in the sun. The design is primarily two end posts, 2 metres in height spanning a distance of 3 metres with a middle support post and adjustable platforms of a spiral staircase design. The top beam is enhanced with artificial turf for its tactile properties.

Kincumber Men’s shed kindly agreed to build the structure, but I needed to fundraise to purchase the required materials. I approached my gym, Curves Erina, with my ideas and they decided to hold some raffles to raise the money. Both parties successfully pulled together and the cat climbing structure became a reality.

Then it rained. And rained. And rained. For 3 long weeks! The boys yard became a swimming pool and construction was halted. Finally it stopped and the decision was made to erect the climbing structure on the Queens Birthday weekend. I enlisted the help of my very patient husband Pat to assist with this project.

So, the kitty climbing condo now stands proudly in the boys garden. Honore and Henry have eagerly embraced it and like small children, sulk when it is time to come in for dinner. Twista, Mr Dibbles and Sox are taking their own time exploring it.

I feel this structure can only benefit the lives of these cats and I am delighted with the results. Naturally, the other residents have made enquiries on when their outdoor climbing frame will be ready. One structure completed, 5 more to go… :)

Thank you

Many thanks to the boys at Kincumber Men’s shed, especially Jim and Mick, for their time, energy and beautiful construction of the climbing frame.

Thank you to Di and the girls at ‘Curves gym Erina’ for their fundraising and ongoing support of community projects.

I'm always thankful for my husband Pat who continually gives his time, energy and tradesman skills to the Cat Legacy House :) "

Animal Attendant
Cat Legacy House Somersby NSW

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Help us Close Puppy Factories - You Have the Voice to Make a Difference!

 Our new Close Puppy Factories campaign has launched and we need your help by posting your pledge.  Its free and will only take a few minutes of your time.

Puppy factories are large-scale, commercial businesses that produce puppies for sale. Puppies are churned out in large numbers to maximise profits for the breeders with little regard for the welfare of the animals or pet over-population.  The RSPCA is opposed to these types of commercial breeding premises and believes they should not be able to operate.

We need your help to close puppy factories down. Please visit the RSPCA's new website where you will be able to find information about puppy factories and pledge your support to help us free dogs from a life of misery and confinement and show government that puppies are not products.
Add you name to the pledge so that we can stand and be counted together on this issue.

Thank you.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

RSPCA 30 Year Milestone

Don Robinson, Assistant Manager Branches & Properties and Catherine Hyde, celebrating 30 years with the RSPCA.

Catherine Hyde started her involvement with the RSPCA as a volunteer assisting staff at our shelter in South Road Broken Hill. She fulfilled many duties as a volunteer and was of great assistance to staff.

Catherine became involved with the local Branch of the RSPCA which is a group of people committed to bettering animal welfare and fund raising to support the local shelter. She has served the local Branch as President, Committee Member and still attends Branch meetings and fund raising events.

Catherine commenced her employment with the RSPCA in February 1980. This month she attains 30 years service. During that 30 years she has far exceeded the duties she is employed to carry out and always in her uncomplaining and unassuming way.

Catherine Hyde has been and remains an outstanding and loyal employee of the RSPCA, and we are proud to have her as an employee of such long standing.

I congratulate Catherine on achieving such a milestone in employment and hope she is with us for many years to come.

Mr. Don Robinson
Assistant Manager Branches & Properties

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RSPCA Welcomes Sow Stall Review

The RSPCA is thrilled with today’s announcement by Australian Pork Ltd (APL) that the pig industry is looking at moving away from sow stalls.

In a statement released this afternoon, APL said it would embark on a five month consultation process with its members to, among other things, gauge support for moving towards a ‘gestation stall free environment’.

“What today’s announcement confirms is that the community’s concerns about sow stalls have been heard by the pork industry,” said RSPCA Australia CEO Heather Neil.

“As consumers learn more about how their food is produced and about the animals that provide it, demand for higher welfare pork is only going get stronger. We know that two thirds of Australians don’t like sow stalls and prefer to buy pork from humane farming systems.

“We’re seeing supermarkets stocking up on higher welfare products as a direct result of customer demand and unprecedented interest from retailers and restaurants in humane alternatives.

“The RSPCA strongly believes that there is no place for sow stalls in the future of Australian pig farming. Last week the Tasmanian Government echoed that view by announcing a phase-out and today the industry itself has signaled a better way forward.

“The RSPCA commends APL for taking this progressive step and encourages producers to fully engage in this consultation process. We’re also calling on governments to support the industry as they move through a restructuring process over the next few years.”

RSPCA Australia.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RSPCA appeals for carpet donations to help keep animals warm this winter


RSPCA Sydney (Yagoona) Shelter is currently in desperate need of carpet to use in the facility's dog kennels. The carpet is used all year round as part of the bedding provided for dogs, but is especially important in the cold winter months to use underneath bedding to offer extra insulation.

If you have new/used carpet that you are able to donate to the RSPCA, please contact us on 02 9770 7555 or 

Due to the carpet being used in close proximity to animals we can only use carpet that does not have underlay or nails in it.

The RSPCA NSW appreciates any assistance received from the community so that we can help keep the animals warm this winter.  


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tasmania phases out the use of dry sow stalls

 The RSPCA today applauded the Tasmanian Government’s decision to phase out the use of dry sow stalls from 2014 – the first state in Australia to do so.

RSPCA Australia CEO, Heather Neil, said the announcement sent a strong signal to other state governments that sow stalls are no longer an acceptable component of pig production.  

“This decision by the Tasmanian Government is progressive and really sets the scene for the future of Australian pig farming,” said Ms Neil.

“Life for a sow confined to a stall is miserable. The lack of movement and exercise leads to painful muscle and bone problems and they are unable to express the most basic of natural behaviours, like rooting and wallowing.”

The RSPCA has long campaigned for a ban on sow stalls and applauds the Tasmanian Government for consistently setting the bar higher than the National Code.

“The disconnect between the paddock and the plate, which has long frustrated animal welfarists and farmers alike, is decreasing, with a more discerning consumer emerging.

“That means more demand for food from animals farmed humanely, greater incentive for producers to change their practices, and more pigs in systems that better meet their health and welfare needs.

“By signaling a phase-out now, the Tasmanian Government has done the right thing by farmers and the right thing by animals. Producers have time to adjust to the changes, with a total ban on sow stalls to be enforced in 2017.

“Animal welfare has finally been put first and that’s a welcome shift in thinking - one we hope catches on in other states.”

RSPCA Australia

Monday, June 7, 2010

RSPCA State of Adoption > Happy little Vegemite, Ready for a New Home!

Vegemite is a very happy ginger and white domestic short haired cross who's looking for a new home. Vegemite is approximately 2.5 years old would suit a family that already has experience with cats. She will require some regular grooming and, of course, lots of cuddles and attention.

Vegemite has been vet checked, desexed, microchipped and is up-to-date with her vaccinations and flea and worm treatments.

Vegemite is available to adopt today by contacting the RSPCA Tweed Heads Adoption Centre:

Address 48 Boyd Street, Tweed Heads 2485
(07) 5536 5135
Opening Hours: 9:30 - 4:30 daily
Closed on Public Holidays


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

RSPCA State of Adoption > Loki is looking for his new home.

Click image to enlarge

RSPCA State of Adoption - for information CLICK HERE.

Loki is an active and loyal boy who is looking for his home for life. Loki will need a secure, fully fenced yard and will need a home where he is included in his family daily activities.

Loki would not suit being left alone for long periods and has been known to get out of his yard. He gets on well with most other animals and would do well in a home with another dog for company, but would have to meet any potential doggy friends first!

Loki has good obedience skills, but will need a home with owners who are committed and willing to continue his training and socialisation, ideally in a kennel club environment. Being a working breed of dog, Loki will need a medium sized fully fenced yard with owners who can commit plenty of time in exercising him on a regular basis. Loki would suit an active family that would like to have a dog indoors with them.

Loki is $300 to adopt which includes: Desexing, Vet Check, Vaccination, Microchip, Flea and Worming Treatment, 30 day pet health insurance cover note and a friend for life!

I am at the RSPCA Blue Mountains Shelter. Please mention my name 'Loki' or my ID: 184156.

You can contact me by:

Phone (02) 4782 2674
Fax (02) 4782 5556
Address 121-125 Mort Street, Katoomba 2780
Open 6 days a week - closed Wednesdays.


RSPCA State of Adoption! Adopt a Mate, Support your State!

Back for its second year, the RSPCA State of Adoption kicked off Wednesday 26 May and urges potential pet owners to adopt a rescued animal from their local RSPCA Shelter or Volunteer Branch.

A copy-cat tribute to the NRL State of Origin series, RSPCA NSW and its sister society RSPCA QLD will initiate their game plans to find as many suitable homes as possible for the thousands of animals currently available for adoption at the RSPCA.

At 5pm, Wednesday 7 July, the final tally of adoptions will be announced and either NSW or QLD will take out the RSPCA State of Adoption series with the most number of animals adopted.

“At the end of the day, whether it’s NSW or QLD that has the highest tally at the end of the RSPCA State of Adoption series the real winners are the thousands of animals that will be matched with their new families to find suitable, loving homes.” said RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman.

Why adopt a pet from the RSPCA?

There are a number of reasons why animals available for adoption at the RSPCA make fantastic pets:

• All animals are checked by expert RSPCA Veterinarians, microchipped, vaccinated, worm and flea treated, behaviour assessed and desexed where relevant.

• Pets at the RSPCA come in all shapes and sizes, including mixed breeds and purebreds.

• Aside from cats and dogs, RSPCA Shelters have many other types of animals available for adoption including horses, ducks, chicken, mice, rabbits, sheep, goats and more.

All potential new pet owners are screened and interviewed by RSPCA staff prior to adoption and a premises inspection may be required.

To view animals that are in need of good homes during the RSPCA State of Adoption series, please visit