Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RSPCA Welcomes Sow Stall Review

The RSPCA is thrilled with today’s announcement by Australian Pork Ltd (APL) that the pig industry is looking at moving away from sow stalls.

In a statement released this afternoon, APL said it would embark on a five month consultation process with its members to, among other things, gauge support for moving towards a ‘gestation stall free environment’.

“What today’s announcement confirms is that the community’s concerns about sow stalls have been heard by the pork industry,” said RSPCA Australia CEO Heather Neil.

“As consumers learn more about how their food is produced and about the animals that provide it, demand for higher welfare pork is only going get stronger. We know that two thirds of Australians don’t like sow stalls and prefer to buy pork from humane farming systems.

“We’re seeing supermarkets stocking up on higher welfare products as a direct result of customer demand and unprecedented interest from retailers and restaurants in humane alternatives.

“The RSPCA strongly believes that there is no place for sow stalls in the future of Australian pig farming. Last week the Tasmanian Government echoed that view by announcing a phase-out and today the industry itself has signaled a better way forward.

“The RSPCA commends APL for taking this progressive step and encourages producers to fully engage in this consultation process. We’re also calling on governments to support the industry as they move through a restructuring process over the next few years.”

RSPCA Australia.

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