Friday, July 23, 2010

Helene Ruma - dog portrait artist - at Penny Lane

Helene Ruma, the Dog Portrait Artist will be drawing furry friends this Sunday. If you fancy getting one of these amazing artworks drawn of your closest four legged friends, pop in and see her creating one of her stunning portraits at Perry Lane from 9am to 4pm.

Helene works with charities such as RSPCA and and has a love for all critters. For more information, please contact or come by on the day to chat with Helene. Her website details are

Helene Ruma Biography;

Helene Ruma is a dog portrait artist who, with her pencil drawings, brings life to a dog lover’s favourite photo of their pet. Helene draws inspiration from not only the features of their beautiful animals, but also their inspiring, funny and heart warming stories that their owners tell her.

Inspired by her own little cocker spaniel Sam, Helene gave away her 15 years experience working as a graphic artist in the corporate world to pursue a dream. This time, using her Degree in Graphic Design majoring in illustration and a Certificate in Fine Arts to follow her heart as a dog portrait artist, Helene brings joy to those who love their dogs as much as she does.

Helene will be at Perry Lane Cafe & Art Studio this Sunday the 25th July, 2010 from 9am to 4pm.

Address: Rear 264 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021
Phone: 02 8354 1222


RSPCA Hunter Shelter turns 5!

The RSPCA Hunter Shelter in Rutherford is celebrating it's 5th birthday this Sunday 25 July 2010 and you're invited to the party!

Come visit the shelter for a fun open day with the animals and RSPCA staff. Starting at 10am and concluding at 2pm, you'll enjoy a fantastic variety of fun-filled activities on the day:

* Pooch party for pets
* Shelter tours
* Clinic tours
* Showbags
* BBQ with food sourced from non-intensive farming systems
* Jumping castle
* Face painting
* Agility demonstrations
* Displays
* Cupcakes
* Raffles

... and more!

Join in the celebrations this Sunday 25 July at the RSPCA Hunter Shelter, 6-10 Burlington Place, Rutherford.

Happy 5th Birthday RSPCA Hunter Shelter!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today’s announcement by supermarket giant Coles that from 2014 they will no longer stock pork produced on farms where sows are confined to sow stalls is a huge leap forward for the humane food movement in Australia.

“To have a meaningful impact on pig welfare we need humane pork products on every supermarket shelf across the country,” said RSPCA Australia CEO Heather Neil.

“A major retailer moving towards sow stall-free pork sends the strongest signal yet that there is simply no place for sow stalls in the future of Australian pig farming.”

The RSPCA, through its long-standing relationship with Otway Pork, has had RSPCA Approved pork in Coles for a number of years. Today’s announcement coincides with the release of a new RSPCA Approved product – Coles Finest free-range pork.

“These products come from pigs that are born and raised on RSCPA Approved farms. Pigs on our farms have space to explore and socialise in large straw-filled shelters and sows have the freedom to wallow in the mud, build a nest, and look after their piglets naturally.”

Ms Neil said Coles’ decision to stock more humane pork is a direct result of increased consumer demand and understanding of how conventional pork is produced.

“Food is getting back to basics and the RSPCA believes that therein lies an opportunity for everyone along the supply chain – from producers to butchers to major retailers.

“The RSPCA believes we can all enjoy a pork roast and still care about the pig that provided it. We encourage shoppers to look for RSPCA Approved pork – our guarantee that those products were produced by pigs that were treated humanely - on farms where all pigs have the space to do those things that pigs need to do.”

RSPCA Australia

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Snowy Update

Snowy before 3 July 2010

RSPCA Sydney (Yagoona) Veterinary Clinic reports that Snowy is currently in a stable condition and is being treated for his burns and cuts to his ears. Clinic staff are very happy to see that Snowy is starting to eat unassisted and that despite the cruel acts that have been inflicted on him, still reacts positively to human interaction. Despite being in a stable condition, Snowy's road to recovery will be long and he is under close supervision should any complications arise.

Making  a donation

We thank the public for their support of Snowy and his owners at this difficult time. RSPCA NSW has set up an online donation page for Snowy in response to requests made by members of the public. If you would like to make a donation to assist with Snowy's recovery, please visit his online donation page at:

Please note that if donations exceed the amount required to cover Snowy's veterinary costs, remaining funds will be directed to other animals currently in care at the RSPCA NSW.

Thank you.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cat Burnt Beyond Recognition - RSPCA & Police Appeal for Information

An 18-month-old domestic longhair cat suffering severe burns to his whole body is currently under care at the RSPCA Sydney Veterinary Hospital. Snowy was discovered at 4am this morning, Saturday 3 July, by his Bankstown owners who took him to the RSPCA.

“Normally Snowy is inside his house by 10pm but last night he didn’t return until 4am. His owners found him in a severely burnt state, with his ears cut and evidence of tape on his back legs,” said Inspector Skye Adams. “His whole body has been severely affected by burns.”

This is a severe act of animal cruelty and the person/s responsible for such an act can be charged with serious animal cruelty (s.530 Crimes Act), leading to five years in prison.

The RSPCA and NSW Police are appealing to anyone with information which may assist this investigation. Please contact the RSPCA on 02 9770 7555 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.