Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today’s announcement by supermarket giant Coles that from 2014 they will no longer stock pork produced on farms where sows are confined to sow stalls is a huge leap forward for the humane food movement in Australia.

“To have a meaningful impact on pig welfare we need humane pork products on every supermarket shelf across the country,” said RSPCA Australia CEO Heather Neil.

“A major retailer moving towards sow stall-free pork sends the strongest signal yet that there is simply no place for sow stalls in the future of Australian pig farming.”

The RSPCA, through its long-standing relationship with Otway Pork, has had RSPCA Approved pork in Coles for a number of years. Today’s announcement coincides with the release of a new RSPCA Approved product – Coles Finest free-range pork.

“These products come from pigs that are born and raised on RSCPA Approved farms. Pigs on our farms have space to explore and socialise in large straw-filled shelters and sows have the freedom to wallow in the mud, build a nest, and look after their piglets naturally.”

Ms Neil said Coles’ decision to stock more humane pork is a direct result of increased consumer demand and understanding of how conventional pork is produced.

“Food is getting back to basics and the RSPCA believes that therein lies an opportunity for everyone along the supply chain – from producers to butchers to major retailers.

“The RSPCA believes we can all enjoy a pork roast and still care about the pig that provided it. We encourage shoppers to look for RSPCA Approved pork – our guarantee that those products were produced by pigs that were treated humanely - on farms where all pigs have the space to do those things that pigs need to do.”

RSPCA Australia


  1. Why not start now? why do the have to wait till 2014? Seriously why does everything have to to take that long..

  2. Isnt this a bit Ironic seeing how coles and curtis stone have been pushing the use of caged eggs in their 'feed your family for under $10' scheme?

    it is still a step towards the future, and i have to say i admire their efforts. but also, i dont understand why it has to take so long.

  3. well in a nut shell......political and legal paperwork! Red tape and bullshit!!!

  4. Agree why wait to 2014, show some guts do it now.