Friday, August 6, 2010

Corporate Australia supports Cupcake Day for the RSPCA

The aroma of cupcakes will soon invade office corridors and boardrooms throughout Australia as corporate Australia gets behind the sweetest fundraising day of the year, Cupcake Day for the RSPCA. Shannon Green and Terry Walkinshaw from publishing firm Elsevier Australia have organised a Cupcake Day Party at their Chatswood office, with many staff members committed to donning aprons and baking cupcakes to raise vital funds for the RSPCA.

“There are lots of animal lovers in our office and we all greatly appreciate the work that the RSPCA does within the community – for both animals and humans,” said Terry Walkinshaw. “Staff will be putting their baking skills to the test and will go head-to-head with prizes available for the best Cupcake Cook on the day”.

For corporates, Cupcake Day is a fantastic team building event that promotes community spirit and supports corporate social responsibility initiatives.

“Not only is baking cupcakes a great way to raise funds for the RSPCA, it’s a fun day for everyone in the office. People love cupcakes and what better way to beat ‘Mondayitis’ than to eat cupcakes to help the animals!” added Shannon Green.

Employers can also get involved in Cupcake Day and show their support by matching funds raised by their staff. The RSPCA have a Dollar Matching letter available to download at Staff can then present this letter to their employer to match funds raised and explains that company donations are fully tax deductable.

“Last year 60% of our registrants came from corporate Australia and many employers supported their staff’s efforts by dollar matching,” said Steve Coleman, RSPCA NSW CEO. “As the RSPCA receives less than 2% funding from the government, we’re deeply grateful for everyone’s support,” said Steve.

Cupcake Day for the RSPCA is held Monday 16 August 2010. Corporates can register individually or as a team at and are eligible to enter all Cupcake Day competitions.

The RSPCA asks that all participants use cage-free eggs or RSPCA approved eggs when baking. For more information visit


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