Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Griffith Pet Owners Embrace CAWS

For the month of August 2010, the Griffith Community Animal Welfare Scheme (CAWS) is again kicking into action. A discounted pet desexing and microchipping scheme, CAWS helps pensioners and low income earners improve their pets’ quality of life, as well as promoting responsible pet ownership.

Now in its sixth year, CAWS is supported by RSPCA NSW, Griffith City Council and Griffith Veterinary Hospital*. The scheme aims to help improve animal welfare and reduce the number of unwanted companion animals. Assistance for the program also comes from the RSPCA NSW Education Team who will be delivering education to local schools from 16 to 20 August.

Mark Jeffrey, RSPCA NSW Senior Manager Education, says their aim is to teach the public (from primary school kids to senior members of society and everyone in between) about the requirements of being a responsible pet owner and how they can ensure their pet is happy and healthy.

“Underpinning everything the education team does is the idea that each individual can make a difference in the welfare of animals,” said Mark.

*Please call for an appointment. Eligibility criteria applies.

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