Thursday, August 19, 2010

RSPCA Slams Council Circus Backflip

The RSPCA says it’s gob smacked by Ku-ring-gai Council’s archaic decision to overturn a policy to allow circuses with exotic animals back on to council land.

Responding to information contained in an article by the North Shore Times, which has been confirmed by Ku-ring-Gai Council ( RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman said the RSPCA seldom see government bodies voting to take a backwards step on animal welfare.

“In animal welfare the wheels of change move frustratingly slow but they do tend to move forward so this decision by Ku-ring-gai is not only disappointing, it’s bizarre,” said Mr Coleman.

“The science has been in for a very long time – circus life cannot meet the social, behavioural or physical needs of wild animals.

“Performing circus animals are kept for prolonged periods in close confinement, in artificial social groups and are continually being transported between circus venues.

“Research shows that the life of a circus animal leads to stress, boredom and often results in abnormal behaviours or stereotypes, such as repetitive pacing or swaying.

“There are plenty of successful circuses that don’t use animals and the rise of Cirque de Soleil is the perfect example that people are flocking to them.

“Many councils across Australia have heeded community concerns and banned circuses with exotic animals from appearing on council land.

“We urge people around Ku-ring-gai to vote with their feet and show their local council that their decision is not only bad for animals but shows a blatant disregard for community expectations for animal welfare.”

Other animal welfare groups are similarly outraged by Ku-Ring-Gai Council's circus backflip. Animals Asia Foundation have setup an online petition for member's of the public to sign at:

For information on Ku-Ring-Gai Council, please visit:


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