Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jetpets helps Aussie Red Battler

Thank you to Jetpets who've come to the save the day - again!

Riley, a gorgeous red cattle dog at our RSPCA Sydney Shelter, was in desperate need of a new home. A couple from QLD fell in love with him and Jetpets have kindly assisted in transporting him to his new forever home.

Enjoy your new home Riley and thank you Jetpets!! :)


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spring is Here and so is Kitten Season, Warns the RSPCA

Every year, the RSPCA cares for thousands of cats and kittens. In fact, over the 2009/10 financial year alone, RSPCA NSW cared for 20,303 cats. When the weather starts to warm up, so does kitten season, which results in litter after litter of unwanted kittens being surrendered to the RSPCA.

This week the RSPCA NSW Call Centre received a marked increase in calls from concerned members of the public regarding the high numbers of pregnant cats and litters around the State. Stray animal management falls under the Companion Animals Act which local councils enforce. Concerned residents should contact their local council.

“The best way people can help the RSPCA and local councils cope with this huge problem is by desexing their pets and keeping them indoors at night,” said Steve Coleman, RSPCA NSW CEO. “Cats can fall pregnant as early as four months of age. Desexing is a cost-effective and routine procedure that saves heartbreak and lessens the amount of unwanted animals euthanased every year.”

For more information about desexing your pets, please contact the RSPCA NSW Call Centre on 02 9770 7555.

The RSPCA has four veterinary hospitals in NSW and a veterinary consultation room at our new Care Centre in Rouse Hill:

Sydney: 201 Rookwood Road, Yagoona – 02 9770 7555 / Care Centre: Civic Way, Rouse Hill Town Centre, Windsor Road, Rouse Hill – 02 8883 0622.

Tighes Hill: 75 Elizabeth Street, Tighes Hill – 02 4927 6822.

Broken Hill: South Road, Broken Hill – 08 8087 7753.

Hunter: 6-10 Burlington Place, Rutherford – 02 4939 1555.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

West Wollongong Art Show 2010 supporting RSPCA Illawarra

The West Wollongong Art Show 2010 features a number of talented artists in the mediums of fine art, potter and craft. The opening night, which also includes works by feature artist Eta Sega, takes place 7pm, Friday 8 October 2010 (viewing from 6:30pm).

There is a $20 champagne supper organised for the opening night with proceeds going to RSPCA Illawarra.

Br Pelin Hall
Edmund Rice College
Mount Kiera West, West Wollongong

Enquiries, please contact Barbara Willis on 02 4257 1896.


Barbara Perry presents RSPCA major award to Kath Gazzard

Don Robinson RSPCA, Kath Gazzard POOPs program and Barbara Perry

Member for Auburn, Barbara Perry, today presented Auburn resident Ms Kath Gazzard with an Honorary Life Membership to the RSPCA.

Ms Perry said this is the highest and most prestigious award from the RSPCA, designed to honour those who make a tremendous contribution and commitment to the charity.

"Ms Gazzard has been involved with the RSPCA for many years and has played an integral role in raising its profile,” Ms Perry said.

"Ms Gazzard has been an instrumental part of the Pets of Older People Scheme (POOPS).

"POOPS is a recognised initiative by the RSPCA and run in conjunction with St. Josephs Hospital. It involves the caring of animals belonging to older people, usually people that do not have families.

"While Ms Gazzard initiated the POOPS Scheme, she has displayed her commitment to the RSPCA through her determination in gaining grants for the POOPS scheme, recruitment of volunteers, fundraising, presenting at schools and conferences.

"All which have resulted in an increase in community awareness of the program and the adoption of the program in many RSPCA branches nationwide.”

Dr Don Robinson of the RSPCA said Ms Gazzard is a compassionate woman who’s brilliant profile building and fundraising efforts have allowed the RSPCA to save their own resources.

"We are pleased to have awarded her with the RSPCA Honorary Life Membership," Dr Robinson said.

Ms Perry said it is refreshing to see such dedicated, caring and selfless people in our community promoting the benefits of the services they have experienced for themselves.

"I would like to extend my sincerest congratulations to Ms Kath Gazzard on her efforts and commitment to the RSPCA.

"You are a very worthy recipient of this prestigious award from the RSPCA. The community is lucky to have such a passionate person who is continuously providing outstanding service to others," Ms Perry said.

For more information email or phone: 02 9770 7555.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Run for the RSPCA and animals - Blackmores Sydney Running Festival

The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is taking place this Saturday 18 September 2010!

We would like to thank all the animal loving supporters who have chosen the RSPCA as their favourite charity and have generously raised funds over $2000 for the RSPCA so far!

Wishing all runners the best of luck this Saturday!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oscar and Lucinda are Ready to go Home

 Oscar and Lucinda

At Summerland Point a pair of geese have become very popular residents. On 15 July this year, the RSPCA received a phone call from a member of the public who said that the female goose was suffering from a broken wing.

Inspector Graeme Dymond drove her to the Erina Heights Veterinary Hospital, where they offered treatment free of charge.

As the female goose was fretting without her mate, a member of the public then took the male goose to the RSPCA Central Coast Shelter where he was soon reunited with his lost love.

Oscar and Lucinda (as named by shelter staff) have been cared for together at the shelter while Lucinda’s wing has been healing. The RSPCA is very pleased to say that the plucky pair are ready to be released back to Summerland Point.

“This is an exciting day for everyone involved,” said RSPCA Central Coast Shelter Manager, Deb Spencer. “Although we’ve grown attached to Oscar and Lucinda, we’re very happy they are going home.”

The big day is set for Wednesday 8 September, 1.30pm at Summerland Point launching ramp.