Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Photo taken 30 August 2010

A local Glen Oak woman pleaded guilty to ten charges of animal cruelty at Raymond Terrace Local Court today, 25 July 2011. The charges comprised one count of aggravated cruelty, one count of failure to provide proper and sufficient food, four counts of failure to provide veterinary treatment, one count of failure to alleviate pain, and one count of failing to exercise reasonable care to prevent the commission of an act of cruelty. Two charges related to breaches of the NSW Animal Welfare Code of Practice for Breeding Dogs and Cats.

RSPCA Inspectors attended the womans dog breeding facility on 30 August 2010. A number of dogs were found to have untreated medical conditions including eye and ear conditions, dental disease, flea burdens, and matted, urine-soaked coats. One emaciated Silky Terrier dog was deemed cruel to be kept alive and was euthanased for multiple chronic conditions. Another three Shih Tzu dogs were found to be in poor body condition as a result of not being fed proper and sufficient food for at least two weeks. One of these female dogs had a moderately sized mammary tumour.

Breaches of the regulatory standards for breeding dogs included failing to keep housing clean and hygienic (72 dogs in two sheds) and failing to provide sufficient ventilation (100 dogs in three sheds/rooms). The woman  surrendered thirty-four dogs to the RSPCA following this inspection.

The woman was convicted and given a two year Section 9 good behaviour bond for the aggravated cruelty charge. She was fined $500 for each of the remaining nine charges and ordered to pay $79 Court costs. She was also ordered to present to NSW Police for fingerprinting. The woman was also prohibited from owning, or residing at premises, with more than two desexed dogs ($4,500 total fines; $79 total costs).

All charges are under NSW Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and Regulations.

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