Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Photo taken on day of seizure 12 April 2011 (male German Shepherd dog scored as very underweight)

A local Maitland man pleaded guilty to three animal cruelty offences at Maitland Local Court on Thursday, 30 June 2011. He was charged with two counts of failure to provide proper and sufficient food and one count of failure to provide adequate shelter to his two German Shepherd dogs.

The male and female dogs were seized by an RSPCA Inspector on 12 April 2011 after the man failed to contact the Inspector regarding his concerns about the poor condition of the dogs. A veterinarian diagnosed both dogs as suffering malnutrition. Both dogs were housed in a backyard with no adequate shelter. The man surrendered both dogs to the RSPCA on 8 June 2011.

The man was convicted and fined $400. He was ordered to pay $140 Court costs and $2,493.13 veterinary/boarding costs (total fines $400; total costs $2,633.13)

All charges are under NSW Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and Regulations.

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