Thursday, August 4, 2011


On Monday 15 August, registered RSPCA Cupcake Cooks across Australia will celebrate Cupcake Day for the RSPCA. Cupcake Cooks are encouraged to Choose Wisely and use humanely farmed or RSPCA Approved eggs when baking.

The RSPCA’s Choose Wisely initiative is designed to get hens out of cages and help consumers decipher the difference between cage, barn-laid, free range and RSPCA Approved eggs.

“Labels can be downright confusing,” said RSPCA NSW Campaigns Manager Mark Bond. “Often consumers think they’re choosing humanely farmed eggs because they’re misled by the packaging.”

“A lot of schools and students register for Cupcake Day,” said RSPCA NSW Senior Education Manager Mark Jeffrey. “We try to educate students and teachers about the importance of humane farming practices and the difference it can make for the lives of hunreds of thousands of hens.”

Things to remember when choosing eggs:

Avoid buying cage eggs all together. If it doesn’t specify the production system, then unfortunately the eggs were most likely produced by hens in cages. Read labels carefully. Look for certified barn-laid, free range, organic or RSPCA Approved eggs.

“RSPCA Approved eggs are a great choice because the RSPCA regularly inspects farms to ensure our higher welfare standards are maintained,” said Mr Bond.

The RSPCA receives less than 2% of funding from the government, and relies on the community for support. “By using cage-free eggs, Cupcake Day participants can help raise vital funds for the organisation while helping to keep hens out of cages,” said Mr Jeffrey.

Register today at and help the RSPCA continue their fight against animal cruelty. For more information about Choose Wisely, visit

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