Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Find-A-Friend; Boof, Kelpie X

Boof is a friendly and boisterous boy who also has a sweet and sensitive side. He is looking for an experienced, firm owner who has previously had large breed dogs and can commit to continuing obedience training and walking him on his halti. Boof can be a handful but is also a big softy at times and will just want to cuddle up with you and give you kisses. As he is so boisterous and strong it is recommended that he doesn’t go to a home with children under 6 years of age as he may knock them over accidentally.

Boof will need at least two daily walks on his halti as well as daily obedience training. He can sit and is learning how to shake. He is responsive to commands and will do anything for a treat. To keep Boof mentally stimulated when alone or bored, he will benefit from having toys and treat balls like a Kong to keep him busy. He is dominant when meeting other dogs and will always want to greet other dogs but not all dogs take his dominance well and he doesn’t like when other dogs jump on him. Because of this, it is best that Boof be the only dog in his new home. Socialisation is important but when he meets other dogs he must be on his halti and held by an adult. He is not the type of dog that can be taken to an off leash dog park.

Boof is very interested in small animals and will chase them so his new home cannot have small animals. His backyard must have secure 5ft fencing with no holes or gaps. A brush once a fortnight and a bath when he is dirty will keep him looking handsome and his coat maintained. Boof is a friendly and sweet boy who will make a loving companion to someone who is looking for a friendly and sweet dog who they will continue to train.

Boof is $300 to adopt, and is desexed, vaccinated, wormed and health tested. The RSPCA is open six days, closed Wednesdays, for adoptions.
For more information please visit: or call 9770 7555.

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