Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Biscuit - An eye for an eye!

As more and more pet owners are faced with hard choices mandated by today’s difficult economic climate, an unfortunate result is that many family pets are not getting the level of medical care they need. Desparate pet owners are faced with ‘no-win’ choices of no medical care, minimal medical care or surrendering their pet.

'Wong Wong' was one such Pomeranian who was brought into the Sydney Shelter. He was a little worse for wear but it wasn't like you would know it by looking at him play. He had only one eye and a plate in his leg from a previous injury. As is becoming more and more common, his owner couldn't afford the mounting vet bills and to add to their woes - pets weren’t allowed at their new home. Things looked dire for little 'Wong Wong'.

And then along came Samantha. Samantha took one look and adopted 'Wong Wong' right there and then, renaming him Biscuit and shuttling him back to his new home.

Surrendering your dog can be a difficult decision. Often, people believe they must give up their dog because they do not know how to handle a particular issue. However, most issues such as housing options, steep veterinarian bills, allergies, and behavioral issues all can often be addressed.

We at RSPCA NSW are aware that no responsible pet owner would make any of these choices if they had any other option. Therefore, one of our goals in this blog is to try to provide you with education that leads to additional choices. In that light, we would like to make you aware of the resources, suggestions and options suggested in this blog and on our RSPCA NSW website. Or, as a last resort if you are forced to surrender your pet, we urge you to contact an RSPCA Shelter or rescue in your geographic area to see if they can take in your pet and try to find them a new happy home.

Samantha tells us that Biscuit has settled in really well. He has so many toys that choosing a favourite is difficult - they are all his favourite. If they are playing a game of tug a war he runs over and jumps in the middle! His injuries don’t stop him in any way enjoying life. He still loves to run around and play but mostly enjoys to sit and have a cuddle on his new owners lap.

Good luck Biscuit! May all the holes that you dig, be deep and the treats you receive, chewy :)

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