Wednesday, November 9, 2011


RSPCA NSW’s Community Animal Welfare Schemes (CAWS) program will visit central western NSW from 7th to 11th November to offer reduced-rate veterinary services to pet owners in Condobolin and educate school-aged children about important animal welfare issues.

CAWS – a subsidised, means-tested pet desexing and microchipping scheme – promotes responsible pet ownership and helps pensioners and low income earners improve their pets’ quality of life. Additionally, the program aims to help improve animal welfare and reduce the number of unwanted animals impounded each year.

The program also advocates education and public awareness to teach community members and school-aged children about responsible pet ownership, animal welfare and the importance of desexing.

“Education is an important aspect of CAWS,” said RSPCA NSW Education Officer Zoe Dawson. “It teaches students that they can make a difference to the health and welfare of animals and pets.”

The education program is suitable for audiences of all ages and can be tailored to suit the needs and size of the group.

Ms Dawson is currently visiting schools in the Condobolin area, and will travel to Trundle to visit students at Trundle Central School.

For more information about school visits or to make a booking, call 0459 183 800 or email

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