Monday, November 7, 2011


A brand new cattery and boarding facility has been installed at RSPCA’s Broken Hill Shelter. The new structure is thanks to one local supporter’s generous bequest, which was made specifically to fund this project.

RSPCA Broken Hill Shelter Supervisor Merridy Wall said the new cattery design is the first of its kind in Broken Hill and will offer a more comfortable stay for privately-owned cats boarding at the Shelter.

“The new cattery can house up to 12 cats at a time,” said Ms Wall. “The units are large enough so that two cats from the same family can be housed together. This is beneficial, as it can help reduce stress among cats while they’re staying in an unfamiliar environment.”

Each unit features its own outdoor balcony where cats can enjoy fresh air and relax in the sunshine.

The facility also offers reverse-cycle air conditioning to ensure year-round comfort regardless of extreme Broken Hill temperatures.

RSPCA Broken Hill Managing Veterinarian Dr Doug Dixon-Hughes said the new design will also allow Shelter staff to monitor individual cat’s health more effectively.

“The old cattery was a communal housing design,” said Dr Dixon-Hughes. “This made it more difficult for staff to determine whether all animals were eating and drinking regularly, or if any patterns were being distrupted. The new facility will enable us to monitor each animal closely and ensure their wellbeing while in our care.”

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