Monday, December 19, 2011


RSPCA NSW is relieved to learn of the outcome of today’s court hearing involving RSPCA NSW President and private veterinarian Dr Peter Wright. The charges against Dr Wright have been dismissed by a Sydney court.

This issue raised media queries during yesterday’s press conference when Premier Barry O’Farrell and Minister Katrina Hodgkinson attended RSPCA’s Sydney Shelter to reaffirm the State Government’s $7.5m pre-election promise to assist the charity in rebuilding Australia’s largest animal welfare facility.

RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman was disappointed that the allegations against Dr Wright overshadowed the more positive result of yesterday’s funding announcement. “We’ve been anticipating this funding announcement for several months now, and we were disheartened that the court matter took precedence over the Premier and Minister’s exciting funding news.

“We’ve seen overwhelming support from the NSW public for this rebuild, and they’ve played a large part in influencing the Government,” said Mr Coleman. “We’re grateful for the ongoing support over the years, and are excited that – with public support and funding – the Shelter rebuild project can finally progress.”

Allegations against Dr Wright were not related to the RSPCA; they pertain to a separate matter involving Dr Wright as a private veterinary practitioner.

“I can advise the informant in Dr Wright’s case is also a person of interest currently before the court in relation to several animal cruelty offences being prosecuted by RSPCA NSW,” said Mr Coleman. “This prosecution predates the allegations that were put against Dr Wright.”

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