Friday, January 13, 2012


Photo of Maltese Terrier dog taken on day of seizure - 8 Oct 2011

A local Tregear woman twice failed to appear at Mount Druitt Local Court in relation to four animal cruelty charges. These included two counts of failure to provide veterinary treatment and two counts of failure to exercise reasonable care to prevent an act of cruelty to an animal. The charges related to the womans female Maltese Terrier dog and a male Shih Tzu crossbreed dog in her care.

An RSPCA Inspector responded to concerns about the welfare of several dogs on 8 October 2011. Both dogs were seized for veterinary attention which found them unrecognisable due to severely matted coats. The Maltese Terrier required treatment for an infection of the right eye, and the Shih Tzu for a severe bacterial ear infection.

This matter was heard ex parte when the woman failed to appear at Court on 15 December 2011. The accused was convicted and fined $750 for each veterinary charge and $500 for each of the charges relating to the matted coats. The Magistrate adjourned the matter until 12 January 2012 to allow the woman the opportunity to attend Court in relation to custody of her Maltese Terrier dog. When she again failed to appear the Magistrate granted custody of the dog to the RSPCA and prohibited the woman from owning any animal for five years. The woman was ordered to pay $81 Court costs, $137.28 transcription costs and $3,634.54 veterinary/boarding costs (total fines $2,500; total costs $3,852.82).

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