Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Find-A-Friend; Stella, Female, Staffordshire Bull Terrier X

Stella needs a very special home with a family who has experience with training dogs, as Stella is deaf and will need training using hand signals. She gets along very well with her kennel mate, Sophie, and would probably be best having another companion dog- they will be her 'ears' for her! Stella will need to meet any prospective housemates prior to adoption, so if you do already have another dog and you are thinking of adopting Stella, please bring your dog along to the shelter to meet her, so we can see how they interact.

Being deaf, Stellas yard will need to be very secure, as if she were to get out and run on the road, she would not hear a car coming. The yard must have colourbond fences and gates that are at least 5ft high, and in good condition with no gaps or footholes. Off lead walking will not be an option either, so a long walk every day, on the lead will be required. If you have children they too will need to be shown how to interact with Stella, by being included in Stellas training. IT would be best if Stellas family only had children over 6 years, so they are old enough to understand the training, and not to sneak up and grab Stella when she is sleeping, eating etc.

Besides being deaf, Stella is a typical playful, social, happy puppy. She is going through the teething stage, so it is very important to provide her with plenty of appropriate chew toys to help her through. She will also need sunscreen applied daily as she is prone to sunburn which may lead to skin cancer. A brush every couple of days, along with a bath every 6-8 weeks will help keep Stellas skin and coat clean and healthy.

Stella is available from the RSPCA Orange Shelter and comes health checked, micro chipped, desexed, vaccinated and up to date on her flea & worming treatments.

71 William Street, Orange 2800

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Phone; (02) 6362-6171

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