Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Shoalhaven Council Rangers seized malnourished Willow her & the pups
New owner Makere Clark with Willow today

When Willow arrived at RSPCA’s Nowra Shelter, she was malnourished, emaciated and nursing eight small puppies. Looking at her today, you’d never guess she was the victim of such neglect.

Shoalhaven Council Rangers found Willow roaming the streets of Nowra in search of food. Her owner was nowhere to be found and the person who’d been left to look after Willow could not care for her or her pups.

Despite the neglect she’d endured, RSPCA staff immediately recognised something special about Willow.

“From the first instance, Willow’s nature was gentle and loving,” said RSPCA Inspector Lisa Lindsay. “She was so thin, and clearly wasn’t getting the care and nourishment required to sustain herself and all her pups.”

RSPCA Nowra Shelter staff nursed Willow and her pups back to health. All the puppies were adopted, while Willow remained at the Shelter, waiting for a new home.

“When I saw Willow’s profile on RCPCA’s Adopt a Pet site, I felt an immediate connection with her,” said Willow’s new owner Makere Clark. “Not only was Willow gorgeous, but her profile on RSPCA’s adoption site listed her as a mother – just like me. I knew then that I wanted Willow to be a part of our family.”

With the generous support of Jet Pets, Willow was flown free of charge from NSW to meet her new family in Queensland.

“Seeing the photos of Willow now, the change is incredible,” said Inspector Lindsay. “Willow’s new life is thanks to the Shoalhaven Council Rangers, the dedicated staff at RSPCA’s Nowra Shelter and the support of Jet Pets.”

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