Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Photograph taken on 28 April 2011

A local Duri man appeared at Tamworth Local Court in relation to animal cruelty charges on Monday 19 March 2012.

He pleaded guilty to aggravated cruelty and failure to provide veterinary treatment to two Thoroughbred horses.

An RSPCA Inspector responded to a report of the horses' poor condition and injuries on 28 April 2011. The Inspector located two emaciated, lame Thoroughbred mares with obvious injuries to their lower hindlegs. A veterinarian attended to urgently examine the horses.The veterinarian found one of the mares had penetrating wounds to the left hind pastern which had developed chronic sepsis with subsequent rupture of a deep tendon and subluxation of the coffin joint. This mare was humanely euthanased as the veterinarian considered her cruel to be kept alive.

The examination of the second mare confirmed a large chronic wound on the left hind cannon with maggots observed in the wound. Formal instructions were issued by the RSPCA Inspector with respect to ongoing veterinary management of this mare's wound and body condition.

The man was sentenced to six months imprisonment for aggravated cruelty to the first mare. He was sentenced to three months imprisonment for failing to provide veterinary treatment to the second mare. The Magistrate ordered that both sentences be served concurrently.

The man was also ordered to pay $81 Court costs and $1,336.57 towards the RSPCA's veterinary & associated costs.

All charges are under NSW Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and Regulations.

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