Monday, March 5, 2012


RSPCA Education Team (left to right) - Eva Wong, Zoe Dawson and Stephanie Sok

From March 12 to March 16 2012, RSPCA NSW’s Education Team is visiting schools in the Hastings community to teach students about the importance of animal welfare. Following on from a successful round of talks last year, this second visit  was made possible by a Hastings Council grant awarded in 2011.  

In November 2011, the RSPCA NSW Education Team used the Hasting Council grant to teach their program to classes at the Heritage Christian School, Hastings Public School, Port Macquarie High School and Camden Haven High School. The programs were successful, prompting the RSPCA Education Team to revisit some high schools this year as well as confirming several new school bookings.

The Education Team will work alongside RSPCA’s Port Macquarie Shelter and Volunteer Branch to raise awareness about animal welfare issues including: responsible pet ownership; the importance of desexing; laws surrounding animal cruelty; and the humane treatment of animals. They will also speak about ways to get involved with RSPCA initiatives in the local community.

RSPCA Port Macquarie Volunteer Branch President Jackianne Wright said the need for animal welfare education is apparent in the level of animal-related crimes reported and is further evidenced by the number of animals being surrendered to the local RSPCA.

“The RSPCA Education Team can offer expertise, resources and knowledge to the Hastings area to help reduce the level of crime involving animals and encourage not only responsible pet ownership within the community, but overall responsible citizenship as well,” said Mrs Wright. 

RSPCA NSW Education Officer Stephanie Sok said the team is very much looking forward to next week’s visit.

“Our overarching goal is to reinforce that individuals can make a difference in the welfare of animals. The programs we teach are really effective and flexible and we can taylor them to suit all types of audiences and groups,” said Ms Sok.

RSPCA’s Education Team has already booked speaking engagements at Camden Haven High School, Port Macquarie High School and Wauchope High School.  Please call 02 9782 4477 or email for more information about school visits or to make a booking.

The education team will also present a talk at the RSPCA Port Macquarie Shelter on Tuesday 13 March at 10.15am which is available to staff, volunteers and financial members.

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