Monday, April 2, 2012


Photo August 2010 - shows faecal dags on ears accumulated by dragging through mud contaminated by faeces.

A local Pipers Flat woman appeared at Lithgow Local Court on Friday 30 March 2012 in relation to multiple animal cruelty charges. The woman pleaded guilty to 17 charges including one count of failing to provide proper and sufficient food, six counts of failing to provide veterinary treatment and 10 counts of failing to comply with the NSW Animal Welfare Code of Practice for Breeding Dogs and Cats.

RSPCA Inspectors attended the womans property on 24 August 2010 in response to a complaint about the welfare of her animals. They found many animals kept in horrific conditions. Twenty two dogs and three cats were seized and taken for urgent veterinary examination.

The Inspectors returned to the property the following day with NSW Police Officers and a Local Council Ranger. A further 27 dogs, two puppies and three rabbits were surrendered to the RSPCA by the woman. Many of the animals had dirty, matted coats. The examining veterinarians found the majority of animals were suffering from preventable parasite infections, dental disease, eye diseases and many other medical conditions.

The woman was convicted and placed on Section 9 good behaviour bonds for each of the seven food and veterinary charges. The period of the bonds ranged between twelve months to two years and will be served concurrently.

A fine of $500.00 was also issued for one of the veterinary offences. The woman was further fined a total of $3,600 for the ten breaches of the regulatory Code of Practice for Breeding Dogs & Cats. The woman was ordered to pay $14,944.77 veterinary/boarding expenses and $3,000 toward the RSPCA's legal costs.

The woman has been prohibited from owning animals for 10 years, with the exception of two de-sexed dogs. The Court ordered that all other animals at the womans premises must be disposed of or surrendered within 14 days, and that RSPCA Officers be permitted to periodically inspect these premises for a period of 2 years (total fines $4,100; total costs $17,944.77).

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