Thursday, April 5, 2012


Photograph and x-ray taken on day of seizure, 2 June 2011

A local Hill Top man failed to appear at Moss Vale Local Court yesterday, Monday 2 April 2012 in relation to animal cruelty charges.

The man had been charged with two counts of failing to provide veterinary treatment to his female German Shepherd dog. An RSPCA Inspector responded to a report about an injured stray dog on 2 June 2011. The dog was found with a bandage around her left paw and unable to bear weight on her left front leg.

After attempting to locate the owner, the dog was seized and transported for veterinary attention. X-rays confirmed the dog had a dislocated left front elbow. She also was suffering a heavy flea burden. The examining veterinarian considered that the trauma to the dog's leg had been sustained at least two weeks prior to presentation due to muscle wastage seen in the shoulder.

The man admitted he knew about the dog's sore leg but had not sought veterinary treatment. He surrendered the dog to the RSPCA the following day.

Following an ex parte Hearing, the man was convicted and fined $1,000 for each charge. He was ordered to pay $162 Court costs and $226.20 veterinary expenses (total fines $2,000; total costs $388.20).

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