Friday, April 13, 2012


Photograph taken on day of seizure - 16 September 2011

A local Hebersham woman appeared at Mount Druitt Local Court yesterday, Thursday 12 April 2012, in relation to animal cruelty charges. She pleaded guilty to three charges of failing to provide veterinary treatment to her male Sharpei crossbreed dog.

An RSPCA Inspector responded to a complaint about the dog’s skin condition on 16 September 2011. The dog was seized for veterinary examination which confirmed a chronic allergic skin disease. The dog was suffering from painful, infected ears and a congenital malformation of the eyelids causing ulceration of the dog’s eyes. The dog had severe bilateral squinting (which is a sign of eye pain) and mucopurulent discharges from both eyes.

During an interview the woman admitted she knew about the dog’s skin, eye and ear problems but had not taken him to a veterinarian. The woman surrendered the dog to the RSPCA on 25 September 2011.

The woman was convicted and fined $500 for each of the charges. She was ordered to pay $81 Court costs and $1,132.90 veterinary/boarding costs. The woman has been prohibited from owning animals for two years and was ordered to present to NSW Police for fingerprinting (total fines $1,500; total costs $1,213.90).

All charges are under NSW Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and Regulations

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