Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Photograph taken 7 February 2012

A local Parramatta man failed to appear at Parramatta Local Court on Thursday 5 April 2012. He had been charged with two counts of failing to provide veterinary treatment to his male German Shepherd dog.

An RSPCA Inspector responded to a complaint about the dog’s skin condition on 2 February 2012. The Inspector issued instructions for the dog to be examined by a veterinarian. The dog was seized for veterinary treatment on 7 February 2012 as the man had not complied with these instructions.

The examining veterinarian confirmed that the dog had obvious severe untreated skin disease. The skin was severely inflamed, very itchy with generalised hair loss. The dog was also suffering from chronic infections in both ears.

Following an ex parte Hearing, the man was fined $1,000 for failing to provide veterinary treatment for the skin disease. The charge relating to the ear infections was found proven but dismissed with no further penalty under Section 10 of the NSW Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act.  The man was ordered to pay $81 Court costs and $2,147.83 veterinary/boarding costs (total fines $1,000; total costs $2,228.83).

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