Wednesday, April 4, 2012

RSPCA NSW 'Hare' Care Week - Groomin', Livin' & Luvin'

Jack is available from the RSPCA Nowra Shelter.

Now that you have adopted a new bunny for the long term & know what to feed it, it's time to think about how to care for your bunny so that your bunny will be a happy & wonderful companion!

Grooming: Regular grooming keeps your rabbits coat in good condition.
  • Check for parasites & dirt, especially around/under the tail to avoid flystike (a fatal condition). 
  • Clip rabbits nails if they are getting too long.
Living area: Your rabbit’s home needs to be safe, dry, cool, warm and comfortable with plenty of water, food and shade.
  • The hutch - a good size with 2 compartments - one side should be enclosed for protection against weather and predators.
  • The floor can be wood or wire mesh if it remains on grass. Cover it with newspaper and a layer of straw/grass hay/shredded paper.
  • Clean the hutch every week!
  • Ensure the hutch is well-ventilated and not directly in sun as rabbits can suffer heat stress.
Stimulation: Rabbits are intelligent animals that require mental and physical stimulation.
  • Provide them with opportunities to display their natural bahaviours - running, jumping, digging and sometimes flips in the air.
  • Let them out in a grassy protected area but keep an eye on your sneaky bunny or the curious local cat/dog.
  • Try housetraining your rabbit so that it can run around safely inside your home.
  • Get a friend or 2 for your rabbit as they are very sociable animals.
A healthy rabbit is; alert, its eyes bright and bold, its movement free and easy, no sores on its body or discharge from its ears, eyes or nose. Don't forget to get your rabbit vaccinated against calicivirus to protect it and desexed to prevent unwanted litters.

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